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Posted by Nancy Maxwell James of Vintage Papers

Our first challenge is to create a gothic arch with a “School” theme. What are your thoughts about school? Maybe it is the classmates, the strict teacher or playing at recess…use your imagination to create a collage, rubber stamps, mixed media, whatever strikes your fancy and post it here.


74 Responses

  1. Oh its gorgeous. Love the challenge and really love what you did with it Nancy. Thank you for such a great challenge.

  2. Beautiful!! Turned out really pretty, the dots are a nice finishing touch.

  3. Gorgeous love this, great challenge!!!

  4. Hi Nancy, here is my entry (I’m not thoroughly satisfied but don’t have the time to make another)

  5. Gorgeous arch Nancy, lovely image!
    My entry is on my blog

  6. Good theme, and very actual :-)) I’ll try to work it ! Thanks for this new blog of challenges !

  7. this is my entry for the challenge “scool”

    your blog is gorgeous and I m waiting the next challen ge
    thank you

  8. Super blog !! je pense que je ferai moi aussi une création sous forme de voûte !

  9. thank you for this great challhttp://planetescrap.canalblog.com/archives/gothic_arch/index.htmlenge !
    here is my entry

  10. I love your work Nancy – very inspiring. Here’s one from me.

  11. WAHOO!! The Gothic Arch QUEEN does it again! Beautiful Ms Nancy. I think I’ll play too. 😉

  12. Here’s my attempt…..

    fun challenge……….roll on next Sunday!

  13. Thank you for this new challenge blog, look forward to some great themes.
    Beautiful work Nancy.

    Here is my entry

  14. Ummm, I think I posted mine in the wrong place, hope this works:


    FUN challenge Ms Nancy!

  15. Hi Nancy ! love your arch and great first challenge
    here’s my entry


    Isa xx

  16. Hi!

    Great first theme! Here you can see my Arch.


  17. Hello Nancy
    Here is my contribution

  18. Yay, a new challenge. I couldn’t resist it. Here’s my entry.
    Cheers Clau

  19. Hi, As luck would have it, I had time to play along today.. So here’s my entry..


  20. What a great new challenge. Thanks, Nancy, for your beautiful example and the school theme.
    My entry is on my blog.

  21. This is my entry. The website looks great! http://www.paperflowers1.blogspot.com

  22. You inspired me to make my first ever gothic arch. Thanks so much for the challenge, Nancy. It was fun! http://dappledesigns.blogspot.com/2007/08/ga-school.html

  23. Hi Nancy !
    Thanks for your new blog, and very interesting challenges !
    That’s my entry and it’s my first gothic arch 🙂

  24. Cool!!! I thought I’d try something different, I’ve never made one before, here’s mine:

    by Samm: Gothic Arch challenge and Bitten by the Bug School theme


  25. I love the theme for this week Nancy! All of the Gothic Arches with the School theme are marvelous!!

    Here is my attempt: http://thimblesbobbinspaperandink.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for the challenge.

  26. I’ve never entered a challenge before so here goes and here’s mine http://alcoholinky.wordpress.com/

  27. Hello!!!

    This is my entry for this week:


    I love to do this challenge!!!


  28. Here’s my School Arch

    Thanks for the challenge Nancy 🙂

  29. Thanks for the challenge.
    Here’s my Arch:
    School Arch

  30. Amamzing card!!

  31. great fun, thanks for the challenge


    Keron Lee, Melbourne, Australia

  32. Thanks for the challenge Nancy.
    You inspired me to make my first ever gothic arch and challenge.
    Here is my entry
    http://blog.seniorennet.be/chrilous Christine

  33. A new challenge blog! Here is my entry:
    school arch

  34. Nancy, girlie this is just gorgeous like all your creations! I owe you alot of thanks for this challenge. My first arch is over on my blog,
    http://tatteredtiara.blogspot.com/. Thanks!

  35. I dont’t think my previous link was working properly so I’ll try again:
    Gothic Arch Challenge -School or if that doesn’t work

  36. Here is my first arch for this great challange.
    school arch

  37. Nancy, what a beautiful arch you’ve created! LOVE the little apple. Here is my entry for this week’s challenge:Ethel’s School Days arch.

  38. I don’t know why my link didn’t work, but here’s the html address (it should’ve worked the first time).


  39. hello sija
    je n’arrive pas à laisser un comment sur votre blog, so I do it her :
    j’adore votre arche gothique avec les poissons !

  40. Fantastic challenge, this is the first time I’ve made a gothic arch:

    Glitterangel blog

  41. Great challenge, i love it!!
    Here is my entry :

    Have a nice challenge

  42. Fun new idea! Love your work, Nancy.

    Here’s mine:


  43. thanks for this great challenge. here ist my entry

  44. Hi Nancy, thanks for creating this great challenge site, here’s my contribution:


  45. This is SUCH a great project, I couldn’t wait until next week, so I have now made some ‘covers’ for my arches to live between, you can view them on my blog here:

    Keron Lee, Melbourne, Australia

  46. Wow, love this challenge
    here is my first entry.

  47. I think i did something wrong, so here is my entry.


    Greetings, Yvonne

  48. Great challenge – really enjoyed it and some fantastic artwork to check out!

    Here is mine:-


  49. here is my contribution

  50. Here is an entry from Rob:

    School Gothic Arch

  51. My entry:

    LOVe this challenge idea to peices and cant wait for more !!! :))

  52. Hello, voilà ma participation!!! excellente idée!! je vais essayer de faire les challenges!! Merci!

  53. voici ma participation!Un thème qui m’est cher puisque je suis maitresse d’école…
    Allez, je file voir vos merveilles!

  54. Love this challenge. Here is my post http://onceuponacottage.blogspot.com/2007/09/gothic-school-arch.html

  55. Thankyou so much Nancy!
    I’ve made my very first arch :O)
    that was such a wonderful challenge, and look forward to doing many more :O)


  56. Thanks for the challenge. Here’s my entry. http://agypsyrose.blogspot.com/

    I’m anticipating the next challenge.

  57. Hello, I know, that I’m too late, but I returned only today from a stamping-weekend in Bielefeld. During this weekend I made this entry:
    Thanks for this new challenge-idea.

  58. hello, with much of delay, I thank you very much propose to you my arch with windows for this blog splendid!


    my blog here :http://blogbonbon.canalblog.com

  59. Here is my try:
    Gothic Arch Challenge-School

    Sorry I am so late, I hope to get to this week’s today. This is my first EVER gothic arch!!

  60. I’m very late too, but here’s my entry for this challenge 😉

    Don’t follow the light


  61. This site is awesome, such a unique idea and a great forum for creativity

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