Our gothic arch hostess this week is Linda Moyes of Bear, Delaware. Linda has made two gorgeous “moon” arches to share and give you inspiration.

A bit about Linda…

“I am a SAHM and artist. I have 3 kids–2 in college and one starting her junior year. Mike and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. I love paper crafts, esp. with a vintage style. I’m starting to dabble in digital creating and that has been fun, too. In the past I was an avid cross stitcher and quilter and still do these things occasionally. I love to read (I just love Jane Austen anything) and my favorite color is red…hence, my username redplaid3. My favorite purchase is paper and that’s why I call my blog: “In Pursuit of Paper.”

This weeks theme is “Moon”. What do you think of when you think of the moon? Romantic evenings under the starry sky? A winters moon beaming on the snow below?
Whatever your inspiration of moon may be we hope you will create an arch to reflect this.

Please post your creation in the comment section below for others to come and view your masterpiece. If you would like to know how to add a link in the comments section check out…Godelieve’s Link Tutorial


74 Responses

  1. Great Theme! My art is posted at http://onceuponacottage.blogspot.com/2007/09/gothic-arch-challengemoon.html


  2. Great theme again!
    Here’s my arch.


  3. Great theme, love it. Here is my entry: http://herminesplace.wordpress.com/2007/09/02/gotic-arch-challenge-moon/
    Warm regards

  4. Thank you for this theme. Here’s my entry

  5. My entry is on my blog

  6. Love this challenge-site! The first time I’m participating:


    Love, Harriet

  7. Nice theme, here is my entry

    have a good challenge

  8. Good fun! Here’s my entry

  9. I particularly like the arch on the right – being inside, looking through the window at the moon. Lovely.
    Here’s my version.

  10. Oh yes !!!! Another great thème, and my entry is on my blog :

    I thought of an old French lullaby “with the moonlight, my friend Pierrot”. I had fun much !!
    Thanks again !

  11. This is my contribution for these time.

  12. here is my “Moon Shadow” arch – humming along to cat stevens 🙂

    Moon Shadow Gothic Arch

  13. Sorry! Something went wrong posting the link.. but I think it’s a fabulous theme! Here is my Arch!


    Bye! Angelina

  14. Thank for the challenge.

    my blog

  15. Loving this challenge site, great new them ……… here’s mine



  16. Hey all, no matter how many times, I’ve tried,(like 100x, now) I can’t get the link thing to work, It keeps telling me the html is not accepted. But I do know, that you can look at blogs, alot of times, by clicking on the poster’s name.

  17. grat theme! this week i will try to participate to your challenge!!

  18. Great theme again, Here’s my entry.

  19. Wonderful theme Linda 🙂

    Here’s my Enchanted Moon

    TFL Dymphie

  20. Thanks Linda, your arches are beautiful! Here is my entry

  21. Another great theme, here’s my submission:

  22. A spooky moon for me..

    Thanks for the challenge!

  23. thank you for the inspiration. I’ve took the plunge and made my first ever arch, hopefully I will improve with practise.

  24. Hello!!

    This is my Gothic Arch for this week:



  25. Hi, What a great challenge idea. Here is my first ever gothic arch. I’m hooked for sure.

  26. well I loved this theme .. here is mine MOON

  27. Here is my Winter Moon

    Thanks for the challenge!

  28. What a wonderful blog! Here is my entry:


  29. Great theme! Here you can see my Arch. Moon Arch

  30. Love your challenges here — had to make two this week!


  31. http://atclindab.blogspot.com/
    here is mu submission 🙂

  32. Thanks for a great challenge… here is my contribution

    Love sarah xx


  33. My entry is on my blog http://scrapaddict.over-blog.org/!!

  34. ce challenge est fantastique ! encore merci de nous permettre d’y participer

    voici le lien pour mon arche sur le thème de la lune

  35. great theme !
    here is mine

    Hide from the moon

    thanks for looking :o)

  36. Thanks to Nancy for letting me hostess this one. You can leave comments about mine at:


  37. My first EVER gothic arch, and I WAS very challenged by it as you will read on my blog. I did finish it before it finished me! lol…always next time….but enjoyed the process! Truly a challenge in every sense of the word!

  38. my blog http://blogbonbon.canalblog.com/


    hello, here my participation for this challenge the moon. thank you very much!!!!
    I adore this format!!!!


    un petit bisous de France


  39. My entry for the Moon challenge is on my blog. Thanks for the challenge.

  40. This was so much fun! Here is my Arch.

  41. here is the link to my MOON gothic arch. Keron Lee (aka The Colourguru)


  42. I hope you want not only the classic gothic arch, because I have done this time another gothic arch.


  43. had to play of course, since it’s all my fault after all …

  44. a great theme!! here is my entry


  45. Another great challenge ladies, I’m having fun with these, here’s mine:

    by Samm: Gothic Arches ‘Moon’, Wednesday Stamper and Carte Maniak!


  46. Hello!!! here is my entry!! too fun to do!! thanks!!!

  47. Here is mine! My first attempt at one of the arches!


  48. Another really great theme! Here is my contribution:-


  49. Here is mine!!
    Gothic Arch Week Two

  50. Greetings… my arch is located at http://angiebeth.blogspot.com

    This is my first arch… and so I know I need to work on refinement.

  51. here’s my gothic arch about the moon :


  52. I am loving this challenge,
    here is my art



  53. Here’s my entry – first time using a Gothic Arch – gotta love it…

    Gothic Arches and the Moon

  54. I love this challenge and the new theme. You can find my entry here on my

  55. great them
    my art is posted at



  56. Great theme here is my entry
    Thank you!!!!!

  57. here is mine!
    Moon Arch Card

  58. Gosh 70 entries and it is only week 2!! I’m just getting my entry in before the next challenge:


  59. I like these challenges and this theme.
    Here is my arch:

  60. I tried to post mine on the old blog last night, but comments were locked down — so better late than never …


  61. Oh rats. I just now scanned this, so it’s late. Oh well. As Karen said, “Better late than never!”

    Here’s mine…

  62. What a terrific challenge site this is, and I love the theme this week! Here is my very first entry about the moon on my blog:
    I look forward to future themes to play with, thanks! Vale 🙂

  63. Hello 🙂 Here’s my entry for this challenge! 🙂


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