This weeks theme is “Family”. What do you think of when it comes to family? Your siblings and parents? A special grandmother? Cousins that made growing up fun? We hope to see your beautiful creations in gothic arch form here.

Cora Harkins has made a beautiful arch using her own ancestors photo. What is more precious than that? You can read more about Cora and visit her blog from the links below…


Cora Harkins – Ridgefield , Connecticut

Visit Cora’s blog: Paper Flowers

Bio: I am married with one daughter.  I work full time as a salesperson and stamping is my artistic outlet. My degree is in costume and set design. Though I do not design professionally, I try to bring that training into my art work.  I love antique lace, buttons and ephemera.  You can often see me lurking at area flea markets trying to find new treasures.   I teach classes and sell my cards locally.

I have been stamping and card making for over 15years.  One of my first projects was my wedding invitations.  Lucky for me we had a small wedding.
My other hobbies are knitting, sewing, felting and papermaking.

Description of Family Arch: This is an old photo of my Dad’s family.  The older woman looks like my Grandmother but she is actually her Grandmother.  I thought the quote was so appropriate.  I do feel like I explore my family’s past to better understand the present and the future.  Photos of family are so precious.  They are our links to the past.


71 Responses

  1. Great theme and gorgeous Arch Cora. Love it.

    Here is my entry: http://herminesplace.wordpress.com/2007/09/09/gotic-arch-challenge-family/

    Warm regards Hermine

  2. […] week is FAMILIE het thema van de Gotic Arch Challenge. Deze keer de gehele arch bestempeld. Stempels die gebruikt zijn van: Stampers Anonymous […]

  3. Here is my arch for this week. Thanks for looking.

  4. My link isn’t working so here it is again.

  5. Another interesting theme !
    That’s my entry on my blog : http://scraptova.canalblog.com/

  6. Great Theme! Here’s my entry:

    Tout Lien

    Angelina says hi…

  7. Great theme again. I love this template!
    Here is my entry for this week


  8. Wonderful theme again!
    Here is my entry for this week challange:



  9. Thanks for the fun theme Cora. My arch has only ‘found’ family on it:
    Thanks for stopping by,

  10. Fab arch – I love the sentiment you’ve used Cora! I’m playing for the first time this week. Mines here: http://artisanne10.blogspot.com/

  11. Another great theme, here is my entry for this weeks challenge.



  12. Nice theme!!

  13. Not sure if I am posting this in the right section, I guess it will be a wait and see. Sorry if I am wrong.

    My entry for the Family challenge:


  14. Here is my first Gothic Arches effort with my snowman family card.
    Thanks for looking
    I love this site I have just found, thank you for providing me with a new challenge.
    Love Cynthia x


  15. WOW~these are all REALLY BEAUTIFUL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~really inspired!

  16. Beautiful Arch Cora, here’s my contribution for this week:


  17. Beautiful Cora. I must have taken in your edging subconsciously – forgot about it completely whilst doing mine. I think yours is better!
    Here’s mine, then.

  18. Cora, lovely family arch, fabulous photo, too! I also like the quote & edging! Here is my submission for the week:

  19. I love this blog and I love the theme , here is my first gothic arch!! 🙂

  20. Here’s mine. Great theme this week. Goth Arch Familya

  21. I am so enjoying this weekly challenge. Thank you for posting this.
    Here’s my entry this week: http://kardkrazy.blogspot.com/2007/09/gothic-arch-challenge_10.html

  22. this is my first entry- great challenge site, I love it.


  23. what a great challenge theme! this is my family gothic arch !

  24. heres my 1st attempt at a gothic arch
    great challenge,loved it!


  25. Hello
    this is my entry for this week .Have a good challenge.

  26. my gothic arch is an homage to sisterhood,
    thanks for the inspiration

  27. my gothic arch is an homage to sisterhood,
    thanks for the inspiration

  28. oh dear I’ve made a big mistake this time as you’ll read on myblog – this weeks effort is gothic arches meets 4×4’s…oops ..sorry folks will try harder next time!! promise.

  29. Here`s is my entry.

  30. Here’s my Arch:
    Family Arch
    Thanks for the challenge.

  31. Here’s my entry.Thanks

  32. My first arc and first entry on this challenge site …

    Thanks for looking!

  33. Hi!

    Great theme again! Here’s my entry:


  34. Hi!

    Great theme again! Here’s my entry:


  35. Hello, thanks again for this great challenge. Here’s my entry:


    🙂 Silvia

  36. hello,

    here my participation for the topic family: http://blogbonbon.canalblog.com/albums/arche_gothique/photos/16956804-arche_famille.html

    thank you very much for these challenges!

    I adore!

    bises of France.


  37. Great theme.
    Here’s my entry

  38. These are so beautiful! I am glad to have had Linda put the link on her blog!

  39. Here’s mine. I tried a digital and a paper one:


  40. Family arch uploaded!
    Tami R.

  41. Tami & Bonbon, I liked your arches but couldn’t leave praise.

  42. First timer here! My family arch is here

  43. http://pic50.picturetrail.com/VOL427/743210/17798486/277862344.jpg Sorry it didn’t seem to work the first time I posted.

  44. Here is my arch for this week. Thanks for looking.

  45. Here’s my entry:


  46. Here is mine! This is my first gothic arch and I really like how it turned out. This is of my grandmother and my great-grandparents. Family was a nice theme.


  47. Here is my arch for this week. I LOVE what everyone has come up with, it is amazing how different they all are. Fabulous Job everyone – pat yourselves on the back!!! Keron Lee, Melbourne, Australia


  48. hello

    This is my first,
    this is the family of my DH, grandmother, father and uncle



  49. Here is my first entry for these challenges. Thanks for this – I enjoyed the challenge


  50. hello…… thanks a lot for this challenge
    here is my arche for this week


  51. And here is mine – very last minute posting I’m sorry! I promise to be quicker next week but I kept changing my mind!


  52. Okay, so I am late…but they turned out really good!! My favorite theme so far!! Kerilou

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