This weeks theme is “fall/autumn”. As the days turn crisp and the leaves are falling our world around us changes with the season. What do you think of when autumn comes to mind?
beautiful trees full of crimson colors? apples, pumpkins and chilly nights? We hope to see your inspirations here in the form of gothic arches.

Our gothic arch hostess this week is Linda Moyes of Bear, Delaware. Linda made a gorgeous fall/autumn arch to inspire us all!

A bit about Linda…

“I am a SAHM and artist. I have 3 kids–2 in college and one starting her junior year. Mike and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. I love paper crafts, esp. with a vintage style. I’m starting to dabble in digital creating and that has been fun, too. In the past I was an avid cross stitcher and quilter and still do these things occasionally. I love to read (I just love Jane Austen anything) and my favorite color is red…hence, my username redplaid3. My favorite purchase is paper and that’s why I call my blog: “In Pursuit of Paper.”


70 Responses

  1. Like this challenge!
    Here`s my entry!

  2. […] nieuwe theme voor Gothic Arch Challenge is: herfst. Ik ben helemaal gek op de kleuren van de herfst. De stempels die ik gebruikt heb zijn : […]

  3. Love the fall colours.

    Here’s my entry:


  4. Lovely theme this week
    Here is my entry !

    Have a great challenge

  5. Please click on the link and not on my name I don’t understand it goes to the suject of Moon!!!!


  6. Thanks for a fun challenge. My arch isn’t very gothic, but it was fun anyhow. Fall Apples

  7. Love Fall/Autumn – it is my favourite season so loved this challenge, thank you.
    My card is on my blog

    Thanks for looking
    Love Cynthia x

  8. Trying the link again:Fall Apples.

  9. This challenge is wonderful – so much richness of colour and subjects to choose from. Love the example card; harvest is such a joyful time.
    Here’s mine, anyway.

  10. Love the fall theme. Look forward to this challenge every week.


  11. Yeessss !!! Very great theme, I love fall !!
    Here’s my entry : http://scraptova.canalblog.com/
    Thanks for this new challenge !!

  12. I love falling leaves. Here is my entry


  13. Hi!
    I just finished my Arch! You can find it here:

  14. I’m having trouble getting this post to stick!
    here’s mine:

  15. Here is my fall/autumn arch.

  16. wow your all so fast! here is my arch !

  17. Ahh, my favourite time of year! Here is my gothic arch for the autumn theme…

  18. Here is my entry for this weeks theme….autumn delight


    Happy Fall Ya’ll! 🙂

  19. Great theme, I love autumn. Here’s my entry…


  20. i wasnt very happy with my first effort so i’ve made another one……


  21. Here is my entry.

  22. Here’s my entry for this week


  23. My favorite time of the year! Here is my arch:

  24. Great theme thank you!!!!!!
    Here is my entry

  25. My first time making a Gothic Arch.
    Thanks for the challenge!!!!

    Here’s my attempt


  26. Wonderful arches everyone….here is my entry for this week

  27. Ma version d’automne.

  28. Sadly, I missed last week busy with other swaps. But here is a link to my fall arch & if you look down, you will find a little offering of gold (though it is a week late)


  29. My very first Gothic Arches project! Thanks for looking. 🙂



  30. Here is my Arch for this theme:
    Fall Arch

  31. You can see my arch on my blog!
    Thanks for looking!

  32. firstly apologies for the poor picture quality,i hate dark and dreary days tut
    heres my arch! thanks for looking!
    great theme


  33. ma réa est sur mo blog……… bravo à toutes
    my création is on my blog…thanks a lot

  34. here is my entry and you’ll see that i’m from Bordeaux!!! lol

    love this challenge it’s a real drug for me!

  35. Here’s my last minute entry:


    Thanks for the fun challenge, Dymphie

  36. Hi,
    I have missed two week but intend to catch up !

    here’s my entry for this week :


    thanks for looking :o))

    isa x

  37. Here’s mine! It will be going out to Ethel for a swap this week!


  38. My Fall/Autumn gothic arch!

    Tami R.

  39. A little bit late again but here is my entry http://cctigrou.over-blog.org/article-12795531.html

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