This weeks theme at Gothic Arches is “Vacation/Places”. Our hostess Rein has made an amazing arch that shows beautiful detail of being on the beach. What do you think of when you invision vacations or places? the ocean? historical landmarks? a special moment? whatever it may be…we hope to see your gorgeous gothic creations here.

Our hostess Rein lives in Germany and is also known as “Stamping Rika”. She is married and has three children. Rein loves paper crafts, Stamping, Vintage, green and flea markets. Rein has a beautiful blog that you may also visit called Plezier Met Papier.


55 Responses

  1. […] is het thema van Gothic Arch Challenge. Stempels die gebruikt zijn komen van Oxfor Impressions, Ink and the Dog en Non Sequitur. Deze arch […]

  2. I am thinking Great Britian this week…

    here is my arch….Miss United Kingdom


  3. I had a great vacation this year, one to remember for a lifetime.


  4. Great theme! You can see my entry:


    Have a great week! Angelina

  5. Great theme. London is one of my favourite places to visit. Here’s my entry:


  6. hello
    thank you for this challenge : I m very happy to do this
    here is my entry

  7. Hi!

    great theme!! Might make more this week, but here’s my entry for now.


  8. This is lovely, love your choice of blue.

  9. great théme and so beautiful arch!!! i have just finish automn theme yesterday!! hi!!


  10. Thanks for the theme Rein 🙂 Love your arch!
    Here’s my vacation feeling

  11. Wonderful theme. Here is my entry:


    Greetings Silvia

  12. I made another one… Spain… You can see it here:


    Adios! Angelina

  13. Follow me to my happy place:

    Loved this challenge! Thanks you guys!

  14. Here is my entry

  15. Here’s my entry for this week…one day I would love to see Paris…

  16. Here’s mine:

    Ooh, la, la, Paree! http://redplaid3.blogspot.com/

  17. Another great challenge. Here is mine.

  18. Wow its a fantastic Theme. Here is my first Entry for this Challenge. Thanks for looking.


  19. Finally had a chance to create a Gothic Arch. I love this shape. Here it is:


  20. Here is my entry…great theme!!!!!

  21. Another great challenge!
    heres mine,thanks for looking :=)

  22. Hello everyone, great theme. Here’s my entry GlitterAngel blog

  23. Better late than never here is my effort for this week.
    Thanks for looking
    Love Cynthia x


  24. voici mon arch destination of vacances.


    bises de france


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