:::Let’s Party:::


Happy Birthday Dymphie!

Our hostess this week is Dymphie Meeuwissen – it is also her birthday! Dymphie selected the theme “party” for this weeks challenge – how perfect could that be? She created this adorable and whimsical arch that is so perfect for our theme!
What do you think of when the word “party” comes to mind? fun with family and friends? lots of presents and cake? whatever your inspiration is we hope you will share it with us in the form of a gothic arch!

When Nancy asked me to be guest hostess this Sunday I was thrilled and there was this one theme that popped right up in my mind: “Party Time!” Why? It’s my birthday today. This is the most delightful present I had in  years. Thank you Nancy!
I’m living in the Netherlands, married, no kids and working almost full-time. I learned bookbinding some years ago and in need of ways to decorate my covers I started to stamp. This led me into altered items and  mixed media. I love it all. I hardly make any books at the moment but am  longing to have some more time at my hands to start that craft again. I
love to do it, the accurate way of working is giving me peace of mind.
For this week: ‘Let’s Party!’


Toen Nancy me vroeg om deze zondag gastvrouw te zijn was ik helemaal 
overdonderd. Het thema dat onmiddellijk naar boven kwam was: “Feest!”.
Waarom? Het is vandaag mijn verjaardag. Dit is het leukste kado in
jaren. Dank je wel Nancy!

Ik woon in Nederland, getrouwd, geen kinderen en ik werk bijna
full-time. Een aantal jaren terug heb ik leren boekbinden en om de banden te 
decoreren ben ik begonnen met stempelen. Dit bracht me aan het
‘altered’ werk en gemengde technieken. Ik vind het allemaal leuk. Op het moment
maak ik bijna geen boeken, maar ik zou graag wat meer tijd omhanden hebben
om weer te starten met dit ambacht. Ik kan er echt van genieten daar mee 
bezig te zijn, het is heerlijk rustgevend precies werk.

Voor deze week: ‘Let’s Party!’

You may visit Dymphie’s blog Papier Avonturen to see more of her beautiful and inspirational artwork!

Happy Birthday Dymphie! I hope you have a party all week! 🙂


57 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Dymphie! Hope you’re celebrating well 🙂

  2. […] thema van deze week voor Gothic Arch Challenge is: feest. De prachtige foto jreeg ik van Jennie. Nogmaals dank je […]

  3. Happy Birthday Dymphie.

    Here is mine. Thanks for looking.


  4. Happy Birthday Dymphie … hope you’re enjoying your special day!!!!

    Here’s my entry for your theme:


  5. What a way to spend your birthday with all your cyber friends. Happy Birthday Dymphie here’s to you:


  6. Happy Birthday Dymphie!
    For this challenge I use fabric, stamps and a image.
    Here’s my entry!http://audreyart.blogspot.com/2007/10/gothic-arch-party.html

  7. Happy Birthday Dymphie!
    For this challenge I used fabric, stamps and a image.
    Here’s my entry!http://audreyart.blogspot.com/2007/10/gothic-arch-party.html

  8. happy birthday, dymphie
    my arch is specially for you;)

  9. happy birthday dymphie! its my birthday on friday as well!


  10. Here is my entry:

    Happy Birthday for you, Dymphie. Have a nice and happy day.

  11. Happy birthday wishes to you, Dymphie! What a grand celebration!

    Here is my entry: http://kardkrazy.blogspot.com/2007/10/sunday-arch-challenge.html

  12. Happy, happy birthday Dymphie. I hope you have been partying with family or friends (or both!).
    Here’s my party girl.

  13. hi everybody !
    thank you for this challenge !
    here is my entry :


  14. Hope you’re still partying Dymphie! Here’s my arch……..

  15. Happy Birthday Dymphie!!!
    Here’s my entry

  16. Happy Birthday Dymphie!
    Here’s my arch

  17. Here is my entry for this week

  18. Hi everybody. Happy Birthday, Dymphie!!

    I thought I’d have a tough time with this theme, but I had fun with it.

  19. Here my entry for this week.


  20. Hope you´ve had a great one, Dymphie! And here are your party guests:

  21. Here’s my contribution to Dymphie’s party:


  22. Happy Birthday Dymphie! This is my first time playing with Gothic Arches, but this is what I made to help you celebrate!

  23. Happy Birthday Dymphie,
    I made this card for you.

  24. Happy Birthday Dymphie
    Here is my arch, hope you like it 🙂

  25. hello
    here is my entry:

    thanks for all these nice challenges

  26. happy birthday Dymphie!!! and thanks for this great theme!

    here is my entry


  27. happy birthday to you!!! Here some birds singing your birthday!

  28. ok that didn’t work… go here … and happy happy happy birthday ! http://blendedcolors.blogspot.com/2007/10/ga-party.html

  29. Bit late but made it! Hope you had a fab birthday Dymphie!

  30. Happy Birthday Dymphie.
    Hope you have a great party.
    Here is my party arch for you.
    Love Cynthia x

  31. Happy Birthday Dymphie :-). Here is my entry:


    Greetings Silvia

  32. Here is my entry

  33. here is my arch

    thanks a lot

  34. Happy Birthday wishes to you Dymphie! I hope you had a wonderful birthday week!

    Here is my arch for this week’s challenge….make a wish!


  35. Happy birthday Dymphie! Great theme :)) Here is my entry:



    I just uploaded my “Let’s Party” arch-thank you!
    Tami R.

  37. A little late, but I still can celebrate.

  38. Are you still celebrating Dymphie 😉

    Here’s my arch:

  39. Hi everyone – I really struggled with this theme for some reason! Eventually though an idea developed..


  40. A little bit late.. but here’s my entry…



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