This weeks theme is “Birds” and we would love to see what you create an gothic arch form. What do you think of…a day at the park, along the ocean side, silly things birds will do? Whatever it may be we hope to see your creations posted here.

Our hostess this week is Sija. She has created this precious arch. Sija has a beautiful blog that you may visit here:


A bit about Sija…

I live in a small town in the Netherlands with my 2 kitties. My biggest hobby is stamping and mixed media. I love all contacts and great things we share with eachother. Blogging added a new addiction and every week it’s exciting where to play.

Ik woon in een kleine stad in Nederland met mijn 2 katten. Mijn grootste hobby is stempelen en mixed media. Ik geniet van alle contacten en mooie dingen die we uitwisselen. Door het bloggen is er ook zeker een dimensie bijgekomen en is het elke week weer spannend om aan een uitdaging mee te kunnen doen.


54 Responses

  1. Here is my entry this week.
    Come fly with me!

  2. I can’t believe I am the first with this challenge. I was just about to start this card when I read your birds posting. How strange is that! So I am really pleased with this challenge thank you team, and I got a three in one.
    Love Cynthia x

  3. This is a wonderful Theme. Here is my arch for this week. Thanks for looking.


  4. Birds are always a wonderful theme …
    here’s my entry:

  5. First time I participate, here is my entry for this week.


  6. […] bijdrage voor het thema van Gothic Arch Challenge voor deze week: vogels. Wederom een van mijn transfers gebruikt die lagen te wachten. My entry for […]

  7. I’m proud to pick the theme for this week. Thanks Nancy!
    Here is my link to my arch. Im curious what you all make.



  8. beautiful ARch !!

  9. Great theme! Love it.

    Here is my entry for this week

  10. Another great theme !
    “Birds” for me … I think automatically of Alfred Hitchcock’s film ! I saw it when I was young and I had the fear of my life :-))
    My entry on my blog : http://scraptova.canalblog.com

  11. What a wonderful arch! I love the bird theme. Here is my entery for this week’s challenge.

  12. Winter is coming, going to miss many of the birds that fly South…here is my bird arch:


  13. What a wonderful theme! I’m so glad I finally found the time to participate. My entry is “Pretty Bird”.

  14. A wonderful motto – thanks so much. I tried my best to participate… My entry is a peace-christmas-card…


    Thanks for looking – yours, Heike ;o)

  15. I struggled with the theme this morning…here is my challenge piece…”A little birdie told me…”


    Have a great week!

  16. Thanks for a reason to get my new plate of stamps cut up and inked up!!!


  17. Here’s my entry – thanks to Cora for the image.

  18. My entry is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking.


  19. Hello, I’m in again, here’s my entry:


    You’ve to look very close, it’s only a little bird 😉

  20. This is my first entry this week. I really admire these arches.
    http://craftandwaffle.blogspot.com/ Lol Lynn xx

  21. My “Birds” arch-thanks for looking!!


    Tami R.

  22. Here’s mine:

    Fly Bird, fly


  23. Here’s a 2nd creation on birds, the inspiration for which hit me at 3:00 AM while trying to fall asleep. >ack!<

  24. No, no, it´s not me always having birds in my artwork, I´m just following the guidelines ;-)) So here´s my entry:

  25. Hi! Here’s my entry for this week. I tried something different this week.


  26. Having been away in China – I have had to cheat & combine 2 week’s topics together this week………so I have a ‘spooky arch’ with a ‘bird’ on it!! LOL!!! I am hoping to make something a bit ‘prettier’ later in the week – but here it is!


  27. OK – I’ve managed it – footnote to my previous entry – here is my REAL ‘bird’ arch for this week.


  28. I love this theme and had to get an entry done before the theme change as I have missed the last two :((


  29. Here is my entry thanks!!!!!!

  30. Here is my entry thanks!!!!!

  31. I didn’t think I was gonna have time this week but have just managed to sneak one in again!


  32. My arch is on my blog…….. it’s late but……. it doesn’t matter !!!! thanks a lot

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