This weeks theme at Gothic Arches is “Friends”…our beautiful arch was made by this weeks hostess Jacqueline. A gorgeous combination of many design elements.

What do you think of when “friends” comes to mind? Children playing? A dear old pal? A furry friend? We would love to see your creative arches here!

A bit about our hostess:

Hi, I’m Jacqueline from France. My blog is Jacqueline’s Craft Nest and I love creating. Probably my preference is vintage and collage. I love arches too – this is the ideal size for me to create on. I am English born, married to a Dutch man and we live in the with our four boys, the eldest being 19, the youngest 13.We are missionaries, spreading the Word of God to the Francophone world, including the huge Continent of Africa! Making cards is my source of relaxation and I hope encouragement to others as I send and sell alot.

I am so happy to have made so many friends via the blogs as I live in a very isolated area – so thanks to all you ladies who have encouraged me so much by visiting my blog!
The arch theme I chose today is FRIENDS. I used a distressed background and found an image which I love on a Tuscan Rose CD. Have fun creating!

You can see more of Jacqueline’s creations at her blog:


69 Responses

  1. Happy Creating Ladies!

    here is my friendship arch for this weeks challenge….


  2. Love the Theme! Here is my Arch:

  3. Here is my contribution for this challenge – thanks for your ideas !!!


    Thanks for looking, yours, Heike ;o)

  4. Friends are always a wonderful theme … here’s my entry:

  5. Here’s my arch for this great theme:
    Best wishes,

  6. Wonderful, universal theme, Jacqueline. Thanks for the challenge.


  7. Great theme. As I was a bit late, I’ve combined last week’s with this week’s! GlitterAngel blog

  8. Thanks for such a great theme. This was fun!!!

  9. Here is my first Gothic Arches entry:


    Hope you like it,

  10. Ahhhh it felt good to create something!! Here’s my entry.


  11. Hi, love the theme, here is my arch

  12. together through thick and thin;)

  13. Gorgeous arch by Jacqueline – very inspiring.
    Here are my friends:


  14. Here’s my entry for this week:

    Laurel and Hardy

  15. […] mijn bijdrage voor de Gothic Arch Challenge: VRIENDEN. Here is my entry for Gothic Arch Challenge: FRIENDS. […]

  16. Heres my arch for this weeks theme.
    Smiles Robert

  17. Hi, here is my entry for this week’s challenge:
    friendship is a favorite subject for me 😉

    greetings Ezzie

  18. I’ve looked at most of the arches posted, and they are all so wonderful. I really enjoy this challenge. Here is mine — http://art-interrupted.blogspot.com/

    Have a great week!

  19. This is my entry.

  20. Another great theme !!! Thanks for theses weekly challenges.
    That’s my entry
    TFL !

  21. Great theme again !
    This is my entry:


  22. I have wanted to try this for a while now! So here we go, my very first arch:

  23. Been trying to upload photo since Sunday! Here is my arch for this wonderful theme


    LOL Lynn xx

  24. great theme
    here is my entry


  25. I’m late, but here’s mine! Thanks Nancy, thanks Jacqueline!


  26. I feel frustrated not being able to leave a comment on certain blogs – they are the ‘over-blog’ type – I get a total shutdown on my computer if I go anyway near leaving a comment – sorry about that. Scrap-USA, your arch is simply a treat for the eyes, so I hope yo read this little message.

  27. Late I know but been away on painting course. Here is my Arch on my blog
    Thanks for looking at my triple whammy.
    Love Cynthia x

  28. Hi! I’m spending Thanksgiving day making a little art.
    Here’s my arch for this week’s “friends” theme:

  29. I’m sooooooo late with this challenge.. well better late than never I guess… =) You can see my entry here:



  30. Hello,

    Thanks Jacqueline for a great theme !

    my entry is on my blog :


  31. Here’s mine!
    It was for an arch “Man” but I think they are friends….


  32. Hi everyone,

    I made my first GA and of course I had to participate to this fun challenge 🙂


  33. My “Friends” arch entry-thank you!
    Tami R.

  34. love this theme

    my arch is on my blog
    thanks a lot

  35. Here is my entry thanks!

  36. Here is my Gothic Arch for this week’s theme of Friends using the artwork of French artist William Adolphe Bouguereau


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