:::Sparkling Wings:::


This weeks theme is “Sparkling Wings”…our hostess Nancy Dooren created this fabulous arch with the most gorgeous effect of sparkle on the wings. What comes to your artistic mind when “sparkling wings” is mentioned…sweet little fairies?….angels from heaven above?…snow glistening on the wings of a child?….whatever it may be – we wish to see it here in gothic arch form!

A bit about our hostess:
I´am Nancy Dooren. I live in Enschede, The Netherlands,with my hubbie Wilfred and cat Sylvester. I´am a dental assistant for 16 years now. I love to stamp, my Trollbeads/Pandora bracelet and reading books!

In Dutch…
Mijn naam is Nancy Dooren. Ik woon in Enschede samen met mijn man Wilfred en kater Sylvester. Ik ben 16 jaar tandartsassistente. Ik mag me graag bezighouden met mijn hobby´s: stempelen, Trollbeads/Pandora en lezen!

Nancy has a wonderful blog called Vintage Stamper where you can see more of her creations.


52 Responses

  1. […] thema voor deze week van Gothic Arch Challenge is: Sparkling wings. The theme for this week for Gothic Arch Challenge is: sparkling wings. […]

  2. Thank you Nancy for the theme and your arch is beautiful!
    Here is my participation

  3. My entry on my blog : http://scraptova.canalblog.com/archives/2007/12/09/7176079.html#comments

    TFL ! and thanks for this new theme.

  4. here is my entry
    a href=”http://zoiy.blogspot.com/2007/12/gothic-arch-sparkling-wings.html”>gothic arch sparkling wings

  5. What a wonderful theme!
    Here is my entry:

  6. My Sparkling Wings Arch-Tami R.

  7. Nice Theme. This are my wings.


  8. This is a great theme.
    You can see my sparkling wings here:

  9. Great theme!
    Heres my cute little cherubs with ‘Sparkling Wings’
    TFL :=)

  10. Here is mine: <a href=”http://spiralsun65.blogspot.com/2007/12/gothic-arch-sparkling-wings.html

  11. Sorry, I did that wrong. I was trying to follow the link tutorial and it turned out differently. This is my link:

  12. What a lovely theme! I Love Wings!
    Thanks for looking ~*~ Patty

  13. Oh, I love wings and sparling ones are wonderful!!! Here’s my contribution.


  14. Thankyou Nancy for a delightful theme 🙂
    here is my arch


  15. Here is my sparking wings arch – the sparkle doesn’t show in this scan but this little birdie has lots of glittery gold on his wings!

  16. I’ve finished my arch for this challenge. The beads are a bit more sparkly in real life but you can see it a bit on the picture,
    Here is the link:


  17. Here is my wings arch!!! Fun theme this week!!!


  18. Here is my entry:

    I love wings !!

  19. finally was able to sit and create something today! 🙂


    can’t wait to go visit all the lovely posts here!

  20. Voici mon arche de la semaine… excellent thème, je me suis bien amusée !!

  21. Oh my goodness, I actually managed to get one done! (lol)


    FUN challenge!

  22. Never played before, so I figured, “Why not?” Here’s my interpretation of the theme:


  23. Sorry I haven’t joined in for a while. I did this one at the weekend, but firstly had to claim the camera from my daughter, and then wait for some good light!
    Can’t wait to see all the other arches – what a wonderful theme!

  24. Hello, a bit late this week:


    Thanks for looking Silvia

  25. I posted my arch today for the sparkling wings. http://www.art-interrupted.blogspot.com

  26. Thanks for this great theme!
    here is my entry


  27. I’m really late with this but decided to post it anyway.


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