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Our challenge this week is to create something using the theme “Guardian Angel”. Our hostess this week Anne Jones made this beautiful arch using different elements and a lovely quote. How do you interupt guardian angels? Heaven above? sweet cherubs? Angels among us? We would love to see your gothic arch creations here!

A bit about our hostess…

There’s not a lot more to be said about me that isn’t already in my profile. I am married with two absolutely wonderful little boys who are my life. This year my DH and I celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss and I am planning a big party for our anniversary as we only had a very quiet wedding at The Blacksmiths Cottage in Gretna..

Thanks to programmes like “Blue Peter” and “Vision On”, I have always felt inspired to create. One of my earliest craft memories was getting told off in a Geography lesson for not listening – instead I was too busy trying to work out how I was going to get that cheese box, toilet roll tube and cotton reel to resemble a carousel! I did eventually create my masterpiece but to this day I still don’t know where Angola is! LOL!

I hope my Guardian Angel inspires you, and I look forward to seeing all your fabulous arches! Have fun!

You may visit Anne’s blog to see more of her beautiful creations:



68 Responses

  1. great arch and beautiful theme!!!

  2. Oh wow am I really first today. Happy New Year to you all.
    Here is my lovely Guardian Angel Arch.
    Thanks for looking again.
    Love Cynthia x


  3. Guess I am not first after all, but there were no comments showing so you just beat me to it Tchou.
    Love Cynthia x

  4. Hi,
    Here is my entry: http://herminesplace.wordpress.com/2008/01/06/gothic-arch-challenge-guardian-angel/
    Warm regards and the best wishes for the new year.

  5. […] bijdrage voor de eerste Gothic Arch Challenge van het nieuwe jaar: guardian angel. My entry for the first challenge of the new year at […]

  6. So glad to have your challenges again! Here is mine: http://kardkrazy.blogspot.com/2008/01/gothic-arches.html

  7. One can never have enough guardian angels…
    Here’s my entry:
    Wonderful theme…

  8. Wonderful Theme! Here’s my Arch:

  9. Wonderful Theme! Here’s my Arch:

  10. I LOVE doing work about angels – what a wonderful start to the GA year. Here’s my contribution:

  11. Happy New Year everyone! Let’s have a great 2008! 🙂

    Here is my arch for this weeks theme:


  12. I love Guardian Angels. Here’s my entry:


    Happy new year to everyone.

  13. I love this theme, and since I’ve been working with the angel theme this week, I was able to finish in record time — on a Sunday morning, no less! Here’s my entry:



  14. Hi, it’s my first time here at Gothic Arches and my first time ever, I created an gothic Arch.
    I hope, you like it.


    Bye, cleo

  15. Hi this is my first time here, and my first time ever for me to create and gothic Arch.
    I hope, you will like it

    Bye cleo

  16. Great theme again ! Here is my Guardian Angel:

  17. First, I wish you all an happy new year :-))))

    Beautiful theme, that’s my entry on my blog :

  18. Happy New Year!
    I’ve been looking forward to the start of the challenges again!
    My entry is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking!

  19. Best wishes everyone for the new year!!
    Here’s my Guardian Angel arch,
    Tami R.

  20. Thank you for a beautiful theme. “Watch Over Me” is my arch.

  21. Happy New Year everyone!

    A perfect challenge to begin 2008 with. Here is my Angel Arch:-


  22. Here’s my guardian angel; not completely satisfied though 🙂

  23. Here’s my Guardian Angel arch ~

  24. Here’s my arch for this challenge – it’s nice to be back! Happy New Year 😀


  25. I have added my guardian angel.
    Nice to have the challenge back.
    You can find her here:


  26. Bonjour, voici mon arche de la semaine :
    Merci d’avance à celles qui passeront sur mon blog.

  27. Yes :)) I made it… here is my entry:

  28. Feels great to be back again. Here is my entry for this week

  29. been lurking so long…finally found the time to join in. i just love this challenge. even though it is so very trendy – still the gothic arches are such a great motif, no matter where or when.

  30. happy new year everyone – so happy to have a new challenge


  31. here is my entry:


    thanks for looking

  32. Here’s mine “Angel Mother”


    Thanks for looking, Linda

  33. Here is mine – I really enjoy making these. Happy New Year to everyone.


  34. Thanks for the wonderful theme this week. Here is my arch:

  35. Ma participation est ici merci de vos bonnes idées

  36. This is my first entry on this site i think I’m addicted!!!!!


  37. Hi this is my first time here and my first time ever for me to create a gothic Arch.
    I hope you like !


    Thanks for looking !

  38. here is my entry……
    thanks a lot

  39. Better late than never, here’s my entry: GlitterAngel blog

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