Our theme this week is “Gypsy” and our hostess Mandy has done a beautiful arch with vibrant colors, image and details. What comes to your mind when you think of a gypsy? Crystal balls? a mystical lady? foreign lands? We would love to see your creation in gothic form!

A bit about our hostess…

My name is Mandy, I’m a full~time mum and also a carer for my disabled mum. I have been crafting a long time, but only took up rubberstamping about 2 years ago, and I’m totally addicted! Although I’m predominantly a rubberstamper I would love to do more mixed media art.
I chose ‘Gypsy’ as a theme because of the sumptious colours associated with them, all the wonderful lushious richness of everything you think of when you think of gypsies.

You can visit Mandy’s beautiful blog here:
Mandy’s Magical World of Art


69 Responses

  1. what an honour to be asked to be hostess this week. Thanx Nancy!

    here it is


  2. […] thema van Gothic Arch Challenge deze week is: GIPSY. Met recht en rede een uitdaging te noemen want dit is niet echt mijn thema. Heb […]

  3. Love the theme you picked Mandy! 🙂

    here is my arch for this weeks challenge:


  4. beautiful theme and illustration !
    That’s my entry on my blog
    TFL !

  5. Here is my different entry for this week’s great challenge.
    Thanks for viewing
    Love Cynthia x


  6. Quiet difficult … but here’s my entry:

  7. Fun, fun theme, but I got a little carried away. . .Here’s mine:


  8. Sorry, I missed this week’s – having a huge computer problem and may miss next week’s challenge too. Please come and have a look at my blog anyway though 🙂

  9. Here the gothic arches I created this week:
    They measure about 5 x 3 inches

  10. Here ‘s my arch.

  11. Running a bit late as usual .. Here is mine .. I will now go find the time to look at all the lovely work already submited 🙂


  12. Thanks for a great theme, Mandy and you can see my contribution here:


  13. Fantastic theme Mandy! Love your quote and arch SO much! Here’s my little traveler: http://bitze.wordpress.com/2008/01/14/gothic-arches-gypsy/

  14. I love the gypsy theme. Mandy your arch is awesome.
    You can find my gypsy here:



  15. Love the theme Mandy, great choice and great sample! Here’s mine!

  16. Great theme, Mandy! Thanks! Mine is posted at http://art-interrupted.blogspot.com/. I also posted last week’s, Guardian Angel, challenge.

  17. Hello!!!

    Here’s my arch:


    She looks a bit sad, but i hope you like her….


  18. Very inspiring arch, Mandy. Great challenge again. Here’s mine.


  19. This is my first entry bij gothic arches. Hope you like it.


  20. Here is my Gypsy arch!

  21. What fun! Heres my Gypsy http://altered-art-by-amber.blogspot.com/2008/01/gothic-arch-challenge-gypsy.html#links

    I have resisted until now…this is my first attempt at Gothic Arches :0)
    Amber H

  22. Here’s my Gypsy Arch!
    Tami R.

  23. thanks a lot for this great theme, very good idea!!!!
    here is my entry
    have a nice day!

  24. Hi everyone,

    here is my entry. Haven’t played for a long time and missed it.
    I’ve made a *mini* arch this week


    thanks for looking 🙂

  25. Great theme.
    Here’s mine


  26. THis was fun! I adore the arch shape as a canvas to create on, very interesting. So glad I found this group, I love challenges. Here’s my gypsy.


  27. Hello all,
    I’m not really sure about my creation…
    here is my entry:

  28. Thanks to Everyone who took the time to view my Arch last week and for the lovely comments. I am really enjoying making these. I have posted my version of ~Gypsy~.

  29. Here’s my first arch. Love the gypsy theme! Thanks for the invite, Mandy!

  30. This is my first arch…please give me feedback! Thanks!!!



  31. Better late than never! I finally got last Sunday’s challenge done!



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