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Our theme this week is MUSIC & Lyrics…I would like to thank our hostess Keron Lee for her gorgeous arch and selection of the theme…

A bit about our hostess:

The theme for this week’s challenge is: MUSIC & Lyrics presented by Keron Lee (aka The Colourguru) from Melbourne, Australia.

I hope you have fun with this theme – you are welcome to interpret this literally or figuratively – so using sheet music on your arch or using the title of music or lyrics from a song to be the topic of your arch. If you are going to do that, you need to include the words in the composition.

These may be current day lyrics, classical lyrics, words from plays or theatre performances – or songs from your childhood.

You will see that my Arch is of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. Our 18 month old granddaughter (whom is affectionately known as Princess ‘L’) spends lots of time at our house when her mum is studying or working. We often sing songs together & dance about with her while she is with us & she is always going up to the stereo & saying dA, dA, which means she wants music on & wants to dance.  She twirls & stomps her feet & sways around, makes moaning noises that mimic singing………one of the little games we play is singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, THIS week – when I was singing it with her at the appropriate place she joined in with ‘How I won……….’ Then trailed off into her melodic moaning again.  She has been wandering around saying ‘how I’ & just continuing to repeat those same few words – in our house – the nursery rhyme is now called ‘HOW I’ as we all (including my macho tradie husband) make twinkling stars with our fingers!

For anyone who has been following along, you may notice that it always appears as though I do two arches (I guess I do in a way) but it’s the back of my arch, as I have punched the sides & will eventually bind it in some way at the sides – I want the backs of my pages to be nice as well……………what’s everyone else doing with their stash of gorgeous arches????

You may visit Keron’s blog here:
The Colourguru


66 Responses

  1. woohhhh wonderful arch and great theme!!! thanks for it

  2. I thought I would be one of the first entries for a change. I got up early to create.

  3. Very pretty arch Keron and thanks for the lovely theme.
    Here is mine on music:

  4. What a wonderful theme!
    Here is my entry:

  5. Thanks for this theme.
    That’s my entry : http://scraptova.canalblog.com/archives/2008/01/20/7631355.html#comments
    I used a quote of Platon : The music gives a soul to our hearts and wings in the thought
    TFL !

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  7. What an interesting theme.
    Here’s my entry:
    Thanks for looking!

  8. Hi,
    here is my Arch for this week:


    Thank You for looking!

  9. Hi Everyone: thanks for the great feedback about my arch theme. Here is the direct link to my arch & how I created it:


    HAVE FUN!!!
    Keron (aka The Colourguru)

  10. Ooooh I love this theme !! Thanks !

    Here is my entry: http://liesbethart.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for looking !

  11. Great theme, here’s my entry:


    Thanks for looking.

  12. Nice theme! Here is my GA:

    "The show must go on"

  13. My favourite theme so far! Thanks for this Keron – your sample is just gorgeous!!

  14. I love this theme! It was difficult to choose what song to use, but in the end, this is what I came up with.



  15. I love thes theme; thanks for the challenge.
    Here is my entry:


  16. Here is my entry:


    Judy NZ

  17. ausnahmsweise muss ich mein gothik-bogen von letzter woche noch einmal zeigen. die beiden themen passen perfekt zusammen:


  18. My very first attempt at this challenge. Looking forward to lots more! Thanks for the inspiration Keron!


  19. Here is my arch!

  20. Here is my arch.

    Thank you for the challenge.

  21. Thank you for a fun challenge. I think it’s lovely that you decorate both sides of your arches!!


  22. What a great theme! I also love that you do both sides of your arches! What a great idea to make a book of them!

    Here’s mine:


  23. Thanks for this challenge.
    Here is my arch

  24. Here is my entry:


  25. Wonderful theme!
    Here is my entry for Music&Lyrics:


  26. hi everybody !

    here is my entry
    thank you for this challenge


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  28. hello,

    here’s my entry 🙂
    lovely theme


    thanks for looking

  29. Hi there,
    Here is only the second Arch I have ever produced! I hope you like it.
    Thanks for looking!

  30. Love Song

    my 2nd-ever arch.

  31. Here is my theme for the new week. I also am trying to catch up with back themes – I managed the theme of Friends.

  32. Late this week I’m afraid. I really liked this theme. I really do hope to get round blogs this week – I’m sorry I didn’t do so last week. Life got in the way! Lol Lynn x

  33. This is my entry for this week.
    Abba’s Dancing Queen:


  34. hi!

    here is my entry for this week!! perhaps a little special!!


  35. What fun. This is my second try. First had no lyrics… this is a keeper. I love it.

    Please check it out.


  36. I’m sure I’m ALWAYS the last one to post for this challenge. But I guess better late than never:


  37. Here is mine:

  38. Thanks for a great theme, Keron! Here’s my arch for the week,
    Tami R.

  39. thanks everyone for your encouraging comments – it was great fun to host – I am glad you enjoyed the theme!

  40. Yes, it’s two for one day in Kersten’s stamping Alaska…song bird features lyrics by the amazing Cat Stevens. Better late than never. I also completed my dog arch, too.

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