Our theme this week is “Dogs” which our hostess Nellie van Leeuwen selected and made this precious arch. What makes a the bond between our furry friend so special? We hope you will show us this week with our Gothic Arch challenge.

A bit about our hostess:

I’m very fond of dogs. I own 4 myself. Irish wolfhounds Lucca and Nigel and border terriers Gonzo and Darcy. They give me so much joy every day. Really couldn’t imagine a life without them. The lost of our Irish wolfhound Ivar in September and the arrival of puppy Nigel, now 12 weeks old made me realize even more how special the bond between dogs and humans can be. It’s this special bond that inspired me to take dogs as a theme for this weeks gothic arch challenge. I think the image I chose for my arch expresses this special relationship quite well. Let us see what dogs mean in your life or how you take them as an object for creating art!

You may visit Nellie’s blog to see more of her beautiful creations:



74 Responses

  1. Hope you’ll like the theme.
    Here is my arch. Thanks for letting me host Nancy!


  2. Hard theme Nellie, but wonderful to make this arch. Here is my entry:



  3. Nellie – love the theme you selected this week.

    Here is my entry:


    have fun everyone!!!

  4. What a wonderful theme this week! Here’s mine: http://kardkrazy.blogspot.com/2008/01/gothic-arch_27.html

  5. Brilliant theme Nellie, here’s mine


  6. Hi girls, hope that you’ll love my entry because I’m not sure I’m the right :-))
    You can see it on my blog :
    TFL !

  7. OK, Nellie, you really got me going with this fun theme. Your arch is lovely with such gorgeous colors. I don’t think I can make just one of these, here is my Dog Arch:


  8. What a fantastic sample card and fabby subject this week. Mine is on my blog
    LOL Lynn xx

  9. Nellie, thanks for this wonderful theme !
    I used an image of our own dogs Silko and Tristan.
    Here they are: http://liesbethart.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for looking !

  10. I hope it’s OK, I got so excited, I created another Dog arch, thanks for looking:


  11. Here is my entry for this week.
    Sorry I missed last week.
    Thanks for looking

    Love Cynthia x


  12. Nellie, this is a very dear subject to me. I love my dogs! Here’s my entry.



  13. J'adore Paris!

    here’s mine. i’m not too impressed with mine this week!

  14. Thanks for such a great theme Nellie! You can find mine here


    Thanks for looking,

  15. Challenging theme Nellie, but couldn’t resist. Beautiful sample arch.




  16. Pretty arch, Nellie! Here’s my entry,
    Tami R.

  17. What a great theme this week! 🙂

  18. LOVED this theme!!
    Check mine out here to find out why!

    Judy NZ

  19. My arch is here.

  20. Beautiful sample, Nellie! I was going to use a picture of our dog, but instead I found this fun piece of clip art. Here’s my entry — http://art-interrupted.blogspot.com/

  21. Great theme. Here’s my entry forthis week


  22. Love the theme! Here’s my arch:

  23. Awwww…. Loved the theme Nellie!! I love your sample too! Thanks for a great challenge! Here’s my offering:

  24. Here’s my arch about my dog :


  25. Another dogarch from me that I made before I made the sample arch


  26. Another interesting theme!
    Here’s my entry:
    Thanks for looking!

  27. I think Nellie’s example is simply wonderful and very nostalgic. Here’s my humorous take on this week’s challenge! 😉


  28. Sorry I’m so late but just had to do this one. Here is the link:

  29. another arch from me that I like much more (and blog candy alert LOL)

  30. At last, my dog arch. I don’t even like dogs.. tee hee I’m a cat person. Great fun though.

  31. Here is my entry!

  32. I finally got to make my card last night. I’m very happy with it:


  33. Here is my arche :

    Thanks for looking and comments 🙂


  34. This is my first entry for the Gothic Arches.


    (and i am a tru CAT lover!!!)


  35. My first Gothic Arch Challenge. I love this photo, but I’m really a ==^..^== person! : )

    Thanks for looking!

    Gothic Arch Challenge "Dog"

  36. here is my entry :


    thanks fot this great theme!

  37. New to the Gothic Arches challenge. Here is my entry http://pandoras-artbox.blogspot.com/2008/01/blog-post.html

    Thanks for looking!

  38. I loved the theme and here goes!!!

  39. This was my first challenge! I had a great time, thanks!


  40. Here’s mine. It’s a likeness of my dog, Maximus.

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