Our hostess this week is Heather Robinson who has selected the theme “history”. Heather created this gorgeous arch depicting events from the “Titanic”. She challenges you to make a gothic arch using events from your personal history or history in a broader sense.

Rubber stamping launched me on the artistic journey that I am on today. Although I don’t use rubber stamps in the same way today, they still make their way into my artwork. My interests now lie primarily in mixed media, collage and altered books and I just can’t seem to shake an obsession with using wax in my artwork.

Another passion of mine is history and that is the theme that I have chosen for this week’s challenge. This can be personal history or you can think about history in a broader sense. Perhaps you are moved by a particular event or person. I am fascinated with all things
“Titanic”, especially the stories about individuals who were on the ship and that is what I hoped to capture with my arch this week. I look forward to visiting your blogs and seeing your interpretations of the theme.

You may visit Heather’s blog:
http://creativesolace.blogspot.com to see more of her amazing creations!


62 Responses

  1. A fantastic Theme. Here is my arch. Thanks for looking.


  2. Great theme again. Here is mine for this week

  3. http://vintagewil.blogspot.com/

    dit is deze week mijn bijdrage.

  4. Heather thanks for your great theme.
    I decided to pay tribute to Old Henry Ford…and my family…


  5. Great theme Heather! Made me think!

  6. Good morning everyone! I had a great time with this challenge, thanks! Here’s my submission:


    Thanks for taking a peek and have a great week!

  7. Wonderfully inspiring theme — thank you!
    Here’s mine: http://kardkrazy.blogspot.com/2008/02/arch-challenge.html

  8. My entry for this week, a very special lady in Dutch History.

    Thanks for watching my Log.


  9. Here is Mary from a troublesome time in English history. Thanks for looking.

  10. Great, one of my favourite themes ! Thanks !

  11. Here’s my History gothic arch!
    Tami R.

  12. Wonderful theme. I am going to try to work on the arch I want to do when I have a day free, but this is what I had time for today:

  13. Here’s my personal view of a historical point of my life 😉

  14. This was a great challenge to create, thanks Heather!
    Here is mine –
    Judy NZ

  15. http://dreamingofcastles.blogspot.com/2008/02/gothic-arches-history.html

    I had to think about this one before starting… ANOTHER FUN CHALLENGE!!!!

  16. Great challenge–mine’s a personal tribute to my mother-in-law: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rainebeau/2291049122/

    Thanks for looking!

  17. […] thema van deze week voor Gothic Arch Challenge is: geschiedenis. Heb een plaatje gebruikt uit de TV gids van Judi Dench, deze prachtige actrice […]

  18. Here’s my entry about History, thanks for looking :


  19. A fantastic Theme.
    Here is mine for this week.
    Thanks for looking.


  20. Here is my historical entry.
    Thanks for looking and the challenge

    Love Cynthia x


    I hope you may also have a look at my new challenge blog too.


  21. Heather your history theme is great. You can find mine here



  22. A wonderful challenge. Here is mine which has a link at the bottom of the post about how I am storing my arches: http://dappledesigns.blogspot.com/2008/02/history.html

  23. here is mine:

    Staying True to Values

  24. what a wonderful theme, it was a pleasure to play around this theme

  25. This theme was perfect for me this week. Here’s my entry and the story behind it.




  26. Be sure to scroll to the bottom – I’m a blog newbie. 🙂



  27. My goodness! So many submission already!! Here’s mine:


  28. This is a part of my history, nice theme.


  29. Very nice ATC.
    I love the colors.

  30. Better late than never! Here’s mine.


    Congrats on being the hostess this week Heather!!!! Love the theme.

  31. I enjoyed your fascinating arch – than I would an actual ferris wheel!!!
    Judy NZ

  32. Oh, dear – not keeping track of the pages – apologies for the above!!!!

  33. Wow, we have a huge turn out this week – here is mine!

  34. lovely theme, I made a memory of our Dutch Guilder:


  35. […] Gothic arches was het thema Geschiedenis. Dit mocht persoonlijke geschiedenis zijn, een historisch persoon of een […]

  36. Finally I got time to work on this theme. I loved it! I choose to make an arch about Mata Hari.
    Thanks for looking!

  37. http://chouquette13.canalblog.com/archives/2008/02/29/8137235.html
    My arche
    A little history of my Provence with in bottom the mill of Daudet , a poster of Fontvieilleand inhabitant of Arles in suit and Frédéric Mistral’s photo
    I like very much the style of your challenges

  38. Hi,
    this is one of my favourite “Objects of Beauty”. I would love to participate.
    My entry my be a little bigger than a piece of paper… It is our Art House. It all started with the discovery of 7 old gothic arched windows from 2 different churches found in very bad condition. But you don’t come across these every day so we built our house using them as key points in it. We brought them back to life & even turned one into an interior door. It has been a labor of Love.
    my url is gwenbuchanan.blogspot.com
    please note specific day entries for quick viewing…
    Feb.8… pair of our red gothic arch Front doors
    Feb. 12… Exterior view of our home we designed & built ourselves… took 8 years.
    feb.14… the woodstove we use to heat our home
    Feb. 21 … 10′ gothic arch in our kitchen that we viewed the lunar eclipse from
    Feb. 25…our bathroom door made from an old gothic window from 150 yr old window
    Feb. 26.. an early morning view from gothic window in same bath

    We love art & we work big sometimes & yes I went on too long but you have a topic here that I absolutely LOVE.

    thanks, gwen buchanan in New Brunswick canada

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