This weeks theme is “Transitions” and our hostess Karen Owen created this amazing arch. What do you think of when “transitions” is mentioned? Day to night, warm to cold, childhood to adulthood, one color to another – we would love to see your creations in gothic arch form here.

A bit about our hostess:

I started on this crazy mixed media art journey about 7 or 8 years ago after a trip to Hawaii. When I came home, I started looking for ways to memorialize the trip by scrapbooking and photo art quilting. While I was making the scrapbook, I bought several rubber stamps. I wasn’t very happy with my results. So I started thinking that there must be a better way to use them. I bought Suze Weinberg’s book, The Art of Rubber Stamping. The first weekend after I had the book I did almost every technique described! I was hooked! Later came altered books and collage. I still use rubber stamps, still occasionally quilt, and I enjoy using Photoshop for digital art, but my passion is collage. I like to combine painting with images to tell a story.

I have chosen “Transitions” as my theme for this week. I interpreted it as the transition from winter to spring, but it could be day to night, warm to cold, childhood to adulthood, one color to another — I can’t wait to see how you interpret this theme.

You may see more of Karen’s beautiful work on her blog:



67 Responses

  1. […] bijdrage voor het thema van deze week voor Gothic Arch Challenge: transition. Ik vond het een erg moeilijk thema, maar heb gekozen voor een overgang van zomer naar […]

  2. Wonderful Theme. Here is my arch.

    Thanks for looking.


  3. magnifique arche karen ! bravo

  4. That’s why they’re called challenges:) This one was!
    Here’s mine: http://kardkrazy.blogspot.com/2008/03/gothic-arches.html

  5. Here is my Arch.
    I love the theme.
    Thanks for looking.


  6. Thanks for playing with me this week. Here’s my entry.



  7. here is my arch for today.
    the difference between two cultures

  8. Cool theme! Here is my arch: http://carylsrealm.blogspot.com/

  9. Long time ago I have participated on an arch challenge, sorry for that. So here is my entry for this week – thought about a colour transistion…

    Thanks so much for looking,

    Heike ;o)


  10. Good morning! Here’s mine for today:


    Great challenge, thanks and have a great week!

  11. Wasn’it just!! LOL – what an inspirational example though! Here’s mine:


  12. No really an easy theme ;-), here’s mine:


  13. Wonderful theme this week! Here’s mine:


  14. A really great theme this week thanks Karen! My arch (thanks for the new templates) is on my blog
    LOL Lynn x

  15. Great theme Karen!
    You can find mine here

  16. this one really stumped me. I knew all the things I wanted to make – but ended up with this arch as the end result!
    thanks for the challenge!


  17. Short on time today, but I just completed my spring arch-http://tatteredtiara.blogspot.com/

  18. Thanks for making us think, Karen. I love this theme. Here is my arch for the week:


  19. Here is my arch for this week:
    Judy NZ

  20. Here is my Transitions arch!
    Tami R.

  21. Karen, thanks for the encouragement to try this, here is my “transitions” entry.


  22. […] is the subject of my artwork for the Gothic Arches theme challenge, […]

  23. wonderful theme!! thanks a lot
    here is my entry


  24. This was a toughie!!! Here’s my piece.


  25. oops! I forgot to leave a link to my gothic arch (sorry, I’ new to this link stuff). Here it is…



  26. Wonderful theme! Beautiful artwork, Karen — just fabulous.

    Mine is posted — http://art-interrupted.blogspot.com/.

  27. Here is my challenge arch:



  28. Part 2~
    This is what I made from my challenge piece. My mom will love this…

  29. Not an easy theme but that made it into a real challenge!
    Here is my entry


  30. Very nice challenge! This is my entry. http://www.angenitahartog.nl/wordpress/?p=298
    Thanks for looking.

  31. here’s my arch
    it was a real pleasure to make it

  32. I love your arch Karen! It’s beautiful.

    This theme really spoke to me, so I did a whole series of them, thinking about all the transitions going on in our family right now.


  33. I only found this challenge today.

    My arch is on my blog


  34. This was a tuff theme for me. Finally, I just let my scissors and paper stash take over while I watched the creative process.


  35. Absolutely beautiful work, Karen! 🙂

    Here my Fairy Queen for this week’s challenge…


  36. At last I have finally finished my arch for Transitions. Found this really hard but what a great theme.
    Here it is, thanks for looking.

  37. Here’s my arch for transition.
    Thanks for looking


  38. Hi,
    Im new to this and setting up a crafting blog and want to make a gothic arch in the future,
    I have 2 questions,

    1- Can I make the arch any size I like and design my own arch shape?

    2- Do I have to use all 3 mediums rubberstamping, collage, vintage photos? can I just use 1 or 2? or can I decorate my arch in any materials I want?

    thanks Dilip.

  39. I had a crazy week at work and finally got my daily art posted and scanned today. I made to arches for this challenge. Had a lot of fun doing them~thanks for the inspiration!


  40. Here’s another entry for this theme from Lou McCulloch. See it here:


  41. I was very determined to fiish this theme — even if several weeks late LOL


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