Linda M. is our hostess this week and she selected the theme “Asian” as our challenge. Linda created this beautiful arch to share and inspire us all. What comes to your artistic mind when you think of Asian….geisha girls? temples? beautiful costumes? Whatever it may be – we want to see it here in arch form this week!

A bit about our hostess:

I’m Linda (redplaid3) and I live in Bear, Delaware, where I am a SAHM and artist. I enjoy making cards, ATCs, and little books and altering puzzle pieces. I love patterned paper and buttons also. Lately, I’ve been trying my hand at digital cards and layouts. It’s been fun, but nothing beats the look of a piece with all handmade elements. Have fun trying this Asian theme. I’ll be away on vacation most of this week, but I’ll catch up when I get back.

You may visit Linda’s beautiful blog here:


71 Responses

  1. Here is Linda’s gorgeous arch for our challenge! thank you for being hostess!!


  2. He is really beautifull.
    Thanks for the very nice theme.

  3. thank you for the theme Linda! It really made me think outside of the box!

    here is my arch for this weeks challenge:


  4. Well here is mine. A great theme.

  5. here is my entry:

  6. Wonderful Theme. Here is my arch. Thanks for looking.


  7. […] mijn bijdrage voor Gothic Arch Challenge: asian. Here my entry for Gothic Arch Challenge: […]

  8. Here is my entry for Gotisch Arch Asian.
    I love this theme.
    Thanks for looking.


  9. My first entry at Gothic Arches. It’s on my blog.

  10. Linda’s arch is wonderful! I found this tricky, but I’m happy to be back playing along! 😉


  11. Linda- thanks for the great theme of Asian

    Here’s my arch:


    Thanks for taking a look.

  12. Here’s my entry for this week:

  13. Here is my entry

  14. Linda, thank you for the inspiration of your lovely arch and for selecting such a wonderful theme! My arch is done with beeswax:


  15. Thanks for another wonderful theme! Here is my Asian arch,
    Tami R.

  16. Thanks for being Hostess!
    Here’s my arch:

  17. What a wonderful theme again!
    Here is my Asian arch:

  18. I played too:


    The card is not an arch, but it has an arch on it…
    Thanks for looking and leaving me a comment!

  19. This is my first gothic arch and I loved doing it, thank you for the great challenge…



  20. It’s a great theme, so I made a second one:

  21. What an awesome theme! I had to step out of my usual box, but I’m pretty happy with the result.


    Now, to go see what everyone else has done!

  22. Here’s mine!

  23. How do you all get on so quickly?!
    Here’s mine:


    Thanks for looking!

  24. have made mine.,really enjoying these


  25. My asian arch is here.

  26. Can’t believe how many entries we have already. Here is where to find mine:


  27. I don’t seem to be able to leave comments on eija and aino’s blogs as I keep getting a message that I’m not authorized. Any help would be appreciated but I want them both to know I love their arches!!

  28. Really enjoyed making this Arch for this weeks challenge, its in my blog right now


  29. I just corrected Caroline’s url to her blog (above) but here it is for those that missed it:


    I also cannot leave comments at eija and aino’s blogs – beautiful arches ladies!

  30. I’ve been looking at everyone’s fabulous artwork on this challenge for ages now.
    Here is my first arch – using washi papers, Japanese calligraphy stamp and collage pieces from a Sunday supplement.
    Thanks for a great theme!!


  31. Hi! I have received the message, that some people can’t left a comment in my sites. I have left a message about problem to support, there have been difficulties last few days, I hope that the problem will solve soon. Thank you for all who are managed to leave very nice comments.


  32. Here is my entry, nice theme!

  33. Hi, Here is my entry

  34. great theme! here is my entry


  35. Finished mine at last, lovely theme Linda 🙂

  36. Hello!

    Here is my first attempt at a gothic arch … these are really fun! Thanks for an awesome challenge!



  37. Finally I’ve quit revamping my art room and tried to create something – I’m out of practice ~

  38. hi ! here’s mine
    thank you it was really great to make it !

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