:::We’ll Always Have Paris:::

The theme for this week’s challenge is: “We’ll Always Have Paris” presented by Keron Lee (aka The Colourguru) from Melbourne, Australia. You cannot visit Paris & remain unmoved. No book can describe it. Each door you go through, every coffee you drink, beckons you, wooing your soul like a secret lover…….then it ensnares your heart like a vine.

I must confess, I ignorantly & blissfully lived down under for what I expect to be about half my adult life, before I experienced the ache that comes from leaving it behind. My first trip to Paris was in November 2000; my 40th year.

They say life begins at 40, it’s true. The constraints & strivings of youth have evolved into life experiences that, to some extent define you. You are ready to embrace new ideas & romanticize about possibilities the future may hold. You are more deliberate about things & more (in my case, but less in others) willing to take a risk, give something a shot, go out on a limb. I hope you have fun with this theme – you are welcome to interpret it with photos, maps, memoribilia, or commercially available materials.

A bit about our hostess:

My arch is made up with a combination of all of these things – plus memories & feelings of loss….. You see, this morning I was supposed to be enjoying church in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. My trip to Europe (scheduled for April/May) has been postponed due to a knee injury, & I would have arrived there yesterday. On the back is a photo our daughter took of my hubby & I the evening we arrived in Paris for the first time from the top of Arch d’Triomphe, & a map from an old Beaddekkers travel guide. The line drawings on the front (Notre Dame) & the Back (Sacre Coeur) are from a calendar I bought in Paris. Nancy & I cooked up this theme in November last year & I was going to give you a report from an internet café, but alas, not to be this time, so, from my art studio to your special place, lets celebrate a place that invades your soul & possesses you from the moment you arrive.
When I hosted the arch last year, I spoke about what everyone was doing with their arches. If you look on my blog later in the week, you will see my revolving book of arches, it’s a lovely treasure.…………what’s everyone else doing with their stash of gorgeous arches????

You may see more of Keron’s beautiful art on her blog:


69 Responses

  1. I woke up early this morning to begin work on my Gothic Arch this week, so early that my husband and our toddler daughter are still asleep. 🙂

    While I waited for the new arch to be revealed for the week, I wondered what the theme might be and had hoped for something related to Paris – Paris in the Springtime, Edith Piaf, the lurking Eiffel…so you can imagine my delight to see your lovely arch posted.

    Thanks for this theme – am off to get inky! 🙂

  2. It’s trying to snow here today…no “Paris in Springtime”! 🙂
    Keron – thank you for your beautiful arch and theme this week! 🙂

    Here is my arch for the challenge:


  3. Oh la la, Keron, merci beaucoup. J’aime Paris. Et ici est ma voute parisienne:


  4. Wow wonderful Arch Theme. Here is mine. Thanks for looking.


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  6. Great theme Keron.

    Here is my entry!


  7. One of my favourite themes! Here’s mine: GlitterAngel blog

  8. Thanks Keron for being hostess.
    Here is my arch

  9. Paris is always a favorite subject for me! Here’s my submission:


    Have a great week everyone and thanks for looking!

  10. Good evening. Here’s mine. Thank you for looking.

  11. Lovely theme.

    Here is my arch for this weeks challenge.


  12. Ooh, I love Paris and I love this theme. Here’s mine:




  13. My entry can be found at:


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  15. Here is my Paris Arch plus a Paris 3×3, since I was on a Paris kick. http://pandoras-artbox.blogspot.com/2008/04/sundays-daily-artgothic-arches-sunday_13.html

    Thanks for looking!

  16. Ahhhh – April in Paris!!!!
    My Parisian arch is on my blog –



  17. Love the Paris theme. Thank you for this week’s challenge!


  18. I love your arch, Keron! Here’s my Paris arch:
    Tami R.

  19. Love your arch and the sweet memory behind it, Keron! Beautiful. One of my favorite themes.

  20. What a great theme this week !! I’m happy ’cause I’m french and I was born in Paris, lol
    Here’s my entry :
    TFL !

  21. Here is my first gothic arch card ever

  22. Here is my entry for this week.

    Thanks for looking.

  23. paris is always a wonderful theme. this time without the eiffel tower

  24. Wonderful theme! Here’s my arch:

  25. here’s mine
    thanks for that wonderfull theme !!!

  26. Here is my Collage de Paris or should it be du Paris?
    Long time since I studied French. lol
    Thanks for this great theme and for looking
    Love Cynthia x

  27. Wow what stunning examples and all so quick. I had come on to say i have been playing with my sea arch and made it into a ballbearing game., I can see thatI am going to have to work even harder, to keep up with this challenge
    Great challenge again
    Sea ball game is here
    http://www.rattytattysblog.blogspot.com hopefully by mid day tommorow if I have time my We still have paris will be on too

  28. thanks for this great theme! here is my entry


  29. Who can resist Paris?!! Wonderful theme! My gothic arch is here:


  30. What a beautiful theme – I love Paris!!
    Here is my gothik-arch:



  31. Hello!

    Here is my submission this week … I love Paris … hopefully someday I’ll get to visit.


    Wishing everyone a terrific week!

    Peggi xo

  32. http://dreamingofcastles.blogspot.com/2008/04/gothic-aches-paris.html


    thanks for the challenge

  33. thank you 🙂

  34. Love the theme. My arch is at:

  35. Lovely theme but it took me a while!


  36. I’m late to the party, but here is my offering:



  37. My arch this week is part of a larger piece…thank you for looking!



  38. I finally was able to sit down this morning and make a Paris Arch:


    Thanks for looking

  39. Voici mon arche pour cette semaine :



  40. I had to make another Paris arch for a swap so thought I would add it here as my second arch for this theme. Here is the link:


  41. je suis en retard , désolé
    voici mon arche

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