Our theme this week is “Spain” and our hostess Martine (Filetta) created this beautiful gothic arch.
What do you invision when “Spain” comes to mind? We want to see it here in gothic arch form.

A bit about our hostess:

My name is Martine, I am soon 50 years old, 2 big children and an adorable husband for 30 years. I live in a small French island in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica, in a magnificent island: a mountain in the sea ! I practice the scrapbooking recently of time, since October, 2007. It is my daughter who made me discover this leisure ! I began in our return of a journey in Senegal and since I do not stop any more ! It is one spends time who fascinates me!

You may see more of Martine’s beautiful work on her blog:


34 Responses

  1. Very nice theme Martine.
    Here my entry. Thanks for looking.


  2. Hi, here is my card.Nice theme 🙂

  3. I’m up early and did my arch first thing. I had pulled out some Frieda pictures, and meant to go there, but I ended up dreaming up a story about a young couple who ran off to Spain and lived happily ever after, after the secret of their romance got out.

    Go figure 🙂


  4. Hard theme (I thought) Mine’s on my blog

  5. Great to have a new challenge. Here is my entry:



  6. I had a great time with this one. Mine is on my blog.

    Thanks for taking a peek!

  7. Wow!! Love this theme.. and love Spain! 😉

    Here’s my entry:


    Thanks! Angie

  8. Lovely to have you back! Martine’s arch is gorgeous! Here’s mine:


  9. Good evening. My entry is on my blog. It’s a small painting from a well-known place in Barcelona.

  10. Lovely theme-thank you!
    Tami R.

  11. My is on my blog.

  12. Had to go with Frida and Bob Dylan for this one.

  13. Here’s mine. I thought of the Man of La Mancha, Don Quixote, and windmills.




  14. A real challenge for me, but here is my arch –


  15. Wonderful theme! Here’s mine:


  16. Here is my spanish arch. Thank you for looking.


  17. Here is my card. Thanks for looking!

  18. Beautiful theme Martine!!

    My arch is at


    Hope you like it and thanks for looking!

  19. This was a little tricky trying to think of something until I thought of running of the bulls…….. My arch is here:


  20. Mine is here, be looking at all your’s

  21. Wow!!! Just been taking a look at your arches everyone and what an amazing selection you have all made! I thought this was a difficult challenge, but you have all met it brilliantly. I particularly love the Gaudi themed arches… and I now know what he looks like!

  22. Didn’t want to miss this fun challenge theme! Here is my arch:

  23. I visited everyone’s blogs, I had problems leaving messages on some of the ones in other languages so I just wanted to post and say everyone did a superb job on the Spain theme!

  24. I found this theme a real challenge – thanks .

  25. I thank you quite sincerely for having to participate in this challenge. I am very happy to see all your magnificent compositions. Thank you !!! Martine ( Filetta)

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