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We will be taking a break for the next two weeks and would like to invite you to post any style or theme here during that time. In the meantime – we invite you to share your creations here.

The regular weekly theme will return on Sunday, June 29.


38 Responses

  1. My ‘ladies & lace’ arch is on my blog!
    Looking forward to your return!

  2. Here is my arch for this week.
    Thanks for looking.


  3. Here is my card. Thanks for looking!

  4. Mine is on my blog

  5. Mine is posted on my blog. Thanks for looking!~~

  6. I made a Father’s Day arch as that’s what we are celbrating today:

  7. A friend of mine has given birth to a girl… so that’s my theme for GA this week. TFL!



  8. going to have a browse through everyones now
    here is my entry – my first gothic arch
    I hope you like it
    shaz x

  9. Thanks again-I will have fun seeing everyone’s wonderful arches!

  10. I had time today so I made a second arch…it’s posted on my blog:



  11. I decided to use a new set of stamps to create my arch this week.


  12. Here is my challenge arch:

    Madam Gothic Arch

  13. My arch is on my blog…thanks for having a look!

  14. I have posted an arch for this week and last week. Thanks for looking.

  15. I had to make a stamping themed arch for the anything goes theme. I’ve missed making arches, it’s been too long.

  16. oops the entry above shows as my hubby’s comment. sorry about that. It was me 🙂

  17. Here’s my beach themed Gothic arch for this week:

    Thanks for looking and to those that post comments I appreciate it 🙂

    Happy Creating!

  18. Here’s my arch – theme? Capture the Moment.

  19. I just posted 2 Archs on my blog! Thanks for looking! ~hugs~


  20. Sonntag ohne Gothic Arch – nöööö – das geht nicht, deshalb heut wieder etwas von mir:



  21. here are my 2 arches for the past 2 weeks ..I had great fun with the word goth!! check them on my blog

  22. I am running my second gothic arch on my blogspot blog. Thanks for looking.


  23. My arche is here.

  24. Here is my arch for this new week. I took this open theme and used the opportunity to try a new technique – atleast new for me. Thanks for looking.

  25. Hi Kim Is it too late to join?
    xxoo Denise

  26. I couldn’t resist doing another anything thing goes theme so here’s my new Gothic Arch:

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