:::For The Birds:::

Our theme this week is “For The Birds” which was selected by our hostess Mary-Beth. She made this beautiful arch which includes items found in nature. What do you invision with the theme “For the Birds”? We wish to see it here in gothic arch form this week.

A bit about our hostess:
I was so happy that Nancy asked me once again to host G.A.. I love doing these arches and have fallen behind in the fun.

Lately I have become much more interested in photography, mainly taking landscape shots to use in my art and picking up fallen treasure from the ground especially after rain storms. These twigs came in handy for my arch this week and actually inspired it.

I can’t wait to see how everyone interprets the theme of “For the Birds” this week. Have fun!!!!!!!

You can see more of Mary-Beth’s beautiful artwork on her blog:

:::Handwriting Sampler:::

We had beautiful entries this past week – thank you for creating outside your comfort zone!


This week our theme is “Handwriting” which was selected by our hostess Dymphie.
Dymphie has created this beautiful arch using her own handwriting…and states:Use your own handwriting on the arch, paint a few letters, calligraph a quote (i would looooove to see that). I don’t like my own handwriting very much, but i like to use it in my art-work, it seems more my own when i do so.

The haiku on her arch reads “without you here, they are to deep, to large, these dark woods.”

We want to see your handwriting on your arches this week!

You can see more of Dymphie’s beautiful artwork on her blog:

:::Cat Sampler:::

We had sooo many “purrfect” feline friends this past week! Beautiful artwork everyone!


This weeks theme is “Cats” and we want to see what makes your furry feline friend so special?
Cats love to pounce, purr, snuggle, and meow. Maybe you invision three little kittens, cats sleeping in a favorite chair, or prowling on an outdoor fence…whatever the vision may be…we want to see it here in Gothic Arch form.

A bit about our hostess:

I have always loved cats. There are two in my household…Baxter an overly affectionate black/white male and Sophie Lou the shy calico. Each has such a unique personaility but they each add so much to my home. Baxter adores my boxer dog Hailey and they will snuggle together, take naps, and wash each other – not often seen with a dog and cat. I would love to see your precious art using our furry friends!

You can see more of Nancy’s artwork on her blog:


:::Patriotism Sampler:::

Thank you for sharing your patriotism with us this past week! Beautiful work!


Our hostess this week is Louise Granlund who selected the theme “Patriotism” and made this beautiful arch.

I chose the theme of Patriotism because we are celebrating the 4th of July this weekend in the United States. Our neighborhood will be filled with flags waving from front porches. We will go to the parade our community puts on every 4th of July and young and old will be waving flags as the parade passes by. I always cry when the various veterans groups walk by and eveyone stands and applauds them. At night we’ll watch the fireworks display at the local high school.

Patriotism is a universal theme — love of one’s country. Or maybe it’s a country you’ve visited and have a close affinity to. Whatever the case, share your gothic arches saluting a country close to your heart.

You may see more of Louise’s beautiful artwork on her blog:


:::Mermaid Sampler:::

Beautiful ladies of the sea this week – thanks for all your contributions!!!

:::Happy 4th of July:::

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