This week our theme is “Handwriting” which was selected by our hostess Dymphie.
Dymphie has created this beautiful arch using her own handwriting…and states:Use your own handwriting on the arch, paint a few letters, calligraph a quote (i would looooove to see that). I don’t like my own handwriting very much, but i like to use it in my art-work, it seems more my own when i do so.

The haiku on her arch reads “without you here, they are to deep, to large, these dark woods.”

We want to see your handwriting on your arches this week!

You can see more of Dymphie’s beautiful artwork on her blog:


39 Responses

  1. Here is my “handwriting” Gothic.


  2. My handwritten Arch is on my blog. Thanks for looking!

  3. My entry is on my blog .

  4. Now this was a challenge!! Thank you for pushing me to try handwriting and printing on my arches!

  5. Here’s a direct link to my arch:

    Cannot wait to see all your handwriting 🙂

  6. Leila,
    I would love to comment on your blog, but it doesn’t seem to let me 😦
    Your handwriting is so elegant and beautiful, love your arch. TFS

  7. Here is my entry to this great challenge. I also have an entry by my 10 year old houseguest, who is leaving today. Because of her leaving, we had to do fast art work this afternoon.


  8. leila
    i wold love to comment on your blog,
    but it doesn t seem to let me
    your arch is so beautiful !!!

  9. Thank you for another fun week!
    Tami R.

  10. What a beautiful theme this week! And a gorgeous work of art as our sample.
    Here is my handwriting, (actually my previous blog also incorporated handwriting.

  11. Here is my handwritten Gothic Arch. Thanks for the inspiration!


  12. Fun challenge, I may make a more serious entry as this one was purely for fun…



  13. Oh i had a lot of fun with this one…


    thanks for looking

  14. Kia ora
    My arch is on my blog:

  15. Dymphie, this is a wonderful challenge. I’m so glad my handwriting cooperated today!!


  16. Here is my gothic arch. Thank you for looking. Have a nice time.


  17. My handwriting is not so nice but is was a real challenge, tnkx ;o)

    My entry is on my Blog: http://wwwtricolore.blogspot.com/

  18. Here’s my handwriting gothic arch. Thanks for looking.

  19. Here’s my handwriting gothic arch. Thanks for looking.


  20. My arch is on my Blog

    Thanks for looking

  21. My GA atc with my very own handwriting on it :))

  22. Thank you so much for this brilliant challenge! I really WANT to use my handwriting more in my artwork. Here is my arch:


  23. My first effort is on my blog now. Hope it is ok, my hand writing is usually terrible!


  24. This is my first attempt at the Gothic Arch challenge – the work on here is so inspiring and I have ended up making 2 !! Thanks for looking

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