:::For The Birds:::

Our theme this week is “For The Birds” which was selected by our hostess Mary-Beth. She made this beautiful arch which includes items found in nature. What do you invision with the theme “For the Birds”? We wish to see it here in gothic arch form this week.

A bit about our hostess:
I was so happy that Nancy asked me once again to host G.A.. I love doing these arches and have fallen behind in the fun.

Lately I have become much more interested in photography, mainly taking landscape shots to use in my art and picking up fallen treasure from the ground especially after rain storms. These twigs came in handy for my arch this week and actually inspired it.

I can’t wait to see how everyone interprets the theme of “For the Birds” this week. Have fun!!!!!!!

You can see more of Mary-Beth’s beautiful artwork on her blog:

47 Responses

  1. Hi ladies, you’ll find my arch here.


    Thank you for playing!

  2. Great theme Mary-Beth and your arch is spectacular! My arch is on my blog…..thanks for having a look.

  3. Great theme, Mary-Beth. Your sample is spectacular.
    Here’s mine:

  4. brilliant sample – such inspiration!!!

    Here’s mine


    Thanks for looking

  5. Who can resist a bird theme? Here’s mine:

    Bird Queen

  6. Great theme. Here is my entry.
    Hope you like.

  7. I hope an EX bird is okay!

  8. love this 3d take on the birds..check out my scary vultures on my blog!

  9. Another fun theme-thank you!!
    Tami R.

  10. This is a fantastic theme. I bet we will see a lot of great submissions.

    Here is mine, titled, “A bird’s eye view.”

  11. Another great challenge, thank you! Here is my entry:



  12. Here is my singing birdie!

  13. Here is my arch for this week’s challenge. Thanks for looking.


  14. Wow it’s very beautiful !!

  15. My Bird is on my blog. Thank you.

  16. Such a Lovely challenge Mary Beth. Your arch with the twigs and feather is really wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration! Here is my arch:


  17. My challenge is on my blog…please click on my name above. Thanks for viewing.

  18. my birds are on my Blog, please unspam me.

  19. Really must get back into doing these challenges! Here’s mine for this week…..

  20. Here’s mine:

    my blog

  21. Here is my entry, thank’s for the challenge;o)


  22. I just had to jump in on this one! My arch is here:



  23. Anksu – I love your card! I tried to leave a comment but it wouldn’t take, or I left 10. Hope not, but wanted to tell you that I love your arch!

  24. My bird arch is on my blog, thanks for looking

    http://wendyscraft journal.blogspot.com

  25. My bird arch is on my blog, thanks for looking


  26. Here is my Blue Arch with birds for you
    Thanks for having a look
    Love Cynthia x


  27. I just couldn´t resist your bird theme, so here´s my arch:

  28. Mary-Beth, your arch is amazing! 🙂

    Mine is posted to my blog. Great theme!

  29. Thanks for the inspiration Mary-Beth, so I have made a “For the Birds” gothic arch this week and I’m thrilled to be back here after being sick, love these arches. Here’s the link




  30. I know, Im late, but I like to show your my arch:



  31. Thank you Mary-Beth. I’ve been looking forever for the perfect feather stamp and it arrived just in time to get my arch done. It was such a fun arch for me. I’m a bird nut.

  32. http://inkastamps.blogspot.com/2008/08/gothic-arches-for-birds.html

    I had the chance to play today so here is my entry 🙂

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