:::Shades of White:::

Our hostess this week is Hermine Koster who has selected the theme “Shades of White.” She created this beautiful arch using white as her hue. What do you invision when “white” comes to mind in your artwork. We would love to see it here in gothic arch form!

About our hostess:

Thank you Nancy for asking me to host again. I have choose this theme because I really like to work ton-sur-ton, in white as well as in colour. Love to stretch a colour to the max. Made this arch using crackle medium and gesso for the background, sponged a little with distress antique linen to match this gorgeous vintage image. Then played around with some tyvek, really love the structure and the fact that you never know what you end up with, every time it is a surprise. Finally added some paper flowers and buttons as a finishing touch. Hope you like this theme as much as I do and looking forward to your artwork.

You may see more of Hermine’s beautiful artwork on her blog:


50 Responses

  1. Wonderful Theme.
    Here is my arch, thanks for looking.


  2. Hi,
    Here you can mine on my blog: http://herminesplace.wordpress.com/2008/08/03/gothic-arch-challenge-shades-of-white/
    Thanks you again Nancy.
    Warm regards

  3. Wonderful Theme! Here is mine.Thanks for looking.

  4. Here is mine. Thank you for looking.


  5. Here’s mine – really enjoyed the theme :)) Thanks!


  6. Great theme. Here´s my entry.

  7. Lovely work, Hermine – and great theme, too!

    My entry is posted on my blog. Thanks for visiting!

  8. fantastic theme. I hope you can see the detail on this

  9. Lovely theme Hermine.
    Here my arch.
    Thanks for looking.


  10. Lovely theme! Here’s my arch:

  11. Here is my card: http://violetti.vuodatus.net/blog/1456917
    Thank you for looking!

  12. good difficult challenge..check out my textured one on my blog

  13. Thank you Hermine for another wonderful theme!
    Here’s my arch –

  14. Great theme, Hermine. Here is my entry.


  15. I thought I already posted this but mustn’t have done it properly! Hermine your arch is just stunning. You can find my arch here

  16. Thank you for such a good challenge, white was hard for me!!



  17. Hermine, this is a wonderful theme this week. Thank you for the challenge!!!!


    is where you’ll see mine!

  18. Wonderful theme-thank you!!
    Tami R.

  19. Such a lovely challenge theme Hermine. Your arch is stunning! Here is mine:


  20. What a lovely challenge this week, love the Shades of White theme.



  21. Lovely theme, here is my entry:

  22. Hi,
    Here is mine.
    thank you for looking
    chriss x

  23. Mine is on my Blog, thanks for looking


  24. I did one this week 🙂
    It’s on my blog:


    Thank you for checking it out!

  25. Here is mine: Thank you for looking.


  26. Great but difficult challenge.
    Here is mine.
    Thank your for looking.

  27. I’m a little late this week but I just had to get in on this theme! You can see mine here:



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