:::Black, White and a hint of Red:::

Our theme this week is “Black,White and a hint of Red” which was selected by our hostess Chrissy Rollins. She made this beautiful arch to inspire you. What do you think of with this theme? We wish to see it here at Gothic Arches this week!

A bit about our hostess:

I run an artist trading club whose members take on a monthly challenge and swap their Artist Trading Cards with other members and guests it can be checked out here:

I am part of a crafting duo who put together an art and craft page each month for a local magazine encouraging the local community to get invoved with their creative side.

I have this fantastic stamp in my collection….’Don’t much care for reality I prefer ART’ and that just about sums me up. LOL

I am truely honoured to be hosting this weeks GA challenge thank you Nancy.

I have chosen the theme… ”Black, White and a hint of Red” Hope you like it have fun with your arches. I would like to wish GA and Nancy a Happy 1st Birthday.

You may see more of Chrissy’s beautiful artwork on her blog:



51 Responses

  1. Here is my arch hope that you enjoy the challenge
    thanx for looking


    chriss x

  2. Chriss, thanks for the challenge this week. Looks like I’m first this week — and I slept late for the first time in forever!!!
    Here mine:

  3. Fantastic piece Chriss….what a thrill to have you hosting this week. My arch is on my blog.

  4. Here is my entry. Great theme.


  5. My entry is on my blog.

  6. First: congratulations and thanks for the challenges. For today I used a photo I made this morning. Black, white and a bit of red!

  7. Happy Birthday!!
    Great theme, mine’s on my blog
    Thanks for looking

  8. Thanks for the year of challenges.
    Happy Birtday ! !
    Here is my Arch

  9. Here is my entry.
    Thanks for looking.

  10. Here is mine…Happy Birthday Gothic Arches!!!!

  11. What a wonderful theme Chrissy. Happy birthday Gothic Arches and thanks for this wonderful challenge Nancy. My arch is here
    Lol Lynn x

  12. I’ve made my arch and very happy birthday to the Gothic Arches Challenge.

    Black and White plus Red Gothic Arch

  13. Great theme! Here is mine,
    Tami R.

  14. Happy Birthday Gothic Arch Challenge Peeps … fabulous challenge Chris … Thank you … Mine is here:-


  15. Happy Birthday!
    ..and here is my arch for the week!


  16. Another great theme!
    My arch is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking!

  17. Here is my Arch, love this theme !!
    Here’s My Link

  18. Forgot to post my link for my arch.
    Here’s Mine

  19. Happy Birthday Gothic Arches!

    My arch is posted to my blog. Thanks for stopping in.

  20. Here is my entry thank you for looking


  21. Thank you for a great year of challenges

    Here’s mine for this week


    Thanks for looking

  22. Congratulation!!!
    Here is my arch. Thanks for looking.


  23. Congratulation.
    Here is my arch. Thanks for looking


  24. Mine is on my Blog, thanks for looking


  25. This is the first time I’m submitting an arch! I’m excited…Thanks for looking.


  26. Wonderful theme Chrissie!!!

    My entry is on my blog


    Thanks for looking.

  27. Here is my answer for challenge. Thank you for looking.


  28. My entry is on my blog. Thanks for looking.

  29. I haven’t participated for several weeks, so I’m really glad to be back. Here’s my entry.


  30. Here is my art piece – black & white art is one of my favorite ways to work. Happy Birthday, Gothic Arches !!!

  31. Great to find some time to join in again this week, I love black and white. Here is my link:


    Happy Birthday Gothic Arches

  32. I’m so glad to be back finally….here is my Black,White and Red:

  33. Hi,

    Love this theme. My arch is on my blog. Thanks for looking. ;>)


  34. Here is my attempt. The very first! I hope it’s not too late.

    Happy Birthday!

  35. Hello Donna,
    I am unable to leave you a comment on your Flicker I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT.
    thank you for taking on the challenge your work is wonderful.
    I hope you see this comment for you.
    chriss x

  36. I finished one of my arches. I’m waiting for the second to dry. My first one is here:

    Sorry I finish them so late!


  37. thank you everyone for joining in my first ever challenge as a hostess, I am thrilled and it has been a great honour for me.
    Thank you for your welcome.
    I look forward to joining in again next week.
    chriss x

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