We’re Moving….

Since we have had ongoing problems with WordPress blocking and placing participants in the spam filter each week – I have decided it is time to move. I do not take this decision lightly, afterall we have been here for a year now….but it is taking loads of time to unspam and approve comments. I have written WordPress repeatly and contacted their spam software company. The spam techs can’t figure out why many of you keeping getting caught (including myself)…as you can see I am at my wits end.

I debated on closing the site, I start back to work next week and will also be enrolled in college full-time. But, I really love our little place here and hope you all feel the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

This next Sunday will be our last week of Gothic Arches here at WordPress. I will post the new “home” soon…you will each have to register…as it will be for members only..but that only consists of your user name, blog address and email. Once you have registered I will approve it. No more spam, or blocked posts! That is a GOOD THING!

Stay tuned…I will post it within the next day or so…that way members can be ready.

Thanks for understanding!


12 Responses

  1. I shall follow you to your new home — what a shame you are having problems.

  2. I will be joining you, I have only recently found you, but love the themes and the work. Don’t you just love ICT when it goes wonky!!! I totally understand your frustration.

  3. I would miss you were gone completely. This site has so many great artists…I will join you on your new site.

  4. Love gothic arches, can u send me an invite to your new site please.
    Regards Lucy

  5. good luck in creating a new site I will follow you as this is an excellent challenge site

  6. Nancy… good heaven’s woman! The site, a life, and college too…ok, I’m feeling a little like a slacker! I haven’t posted alot, but I am here almost every day. I’ll follow you where ever you go. I really like it here. Consider me Pre-enrolled please!

  7. Nancy, Where you lead I will follow. Gothic Arch is my VERY favorite challenge site and I’m sure it will be just as wonderful at it’s new home.

  8. Good luck. I would like join in also.

  9. I wiil follow you Nancy, just love your challenges and would miss not doing this.

  10. Goodness you are a busy lady! I just love letting out my artistic side and would miss these challenges very much. It was getting frustrating not knowing if your post had gone through or not and sometimes I know I ended up doing more than one. I am very grateful for the time you take to keep this going and enjoy sharing everyone’s creations very much. Lol Lynn x

  11. Good luck with college, work and the new site… I’ll see you there and thanks for taking the time to keep GA running! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. O yes, I will follow you Nancy.
    Your challenge wash the first one I participated.
    I see you by your new great site.

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