This weeks theme is “Cats” and we want to see what makes your furry feline friend so special?
Cats love to pounce, purr, snuggle, and meow. Maybe you invision three little kittens, cats sleeping in a favorite chair, or prowling on an outdoor fence…whatever the vision may be…we want to see it here in Gothic Arch form.

A bit about our hostess:

I have always loved cats. There are two in my household…Baxter an overly affectionate black/white male and Sophie Lou the shy calico. Each has such a unique personaility but they each add so much to my home. Baxter adores my boxer dog Hailey and they will snuggle together, take naps, and wash each other – not often seen with a dog and cat. I would love to see your precious art using our furry friends!

You can see more of Nancy’s artwork on her blog:




Our hostess this week is Louise Granlund who selected the theme “Patriotism” and made this beautiful arch.

I chose the theme of Patriotism because we are celebrating the 4th of July this weekend in the United States. Our neighborhood will be filled with flags waving from front porches. We will go to the parade our community puts on every 4th of July and young and old will be waving flags as the parade passes by. I always cry when the various veterans groups walk by and eveyone stands and applauds them. At night we’ll watch the fireworks display at the local high school.

Patriotism is a universal theme — love of one’s country. Or maybe it’s a country you’ve visited and have a close affinity to. Whatever the case, share your gothic arches saluting a country close to your heart.

You may see more of Louise’s beautiful artwork on her blog:



Our hostess this week is Caryl Hoobler who created this beautiful gothic arch using the theme “Mermaids” which she selected. What do you think of with this theme? Sea maidens? Sirens?
Merpeople or Merfolk? Whatever the vision may be we wish to see it here in gothic form!

A bit about our hostess:

I love the freedom of mixed media art and I love the tiny canvas of a
Gothic Arch. I tend to throw unexpected elements into my pieces, but
there is a thought process behind what items I use in a piece. I tend to
draw upon life experiences when creating and look for items that may
bring back a certain memory from any given time or place. I’ve chose
Mermaids as the theme this week as Mermaids are so magical and can live
in wildly colorful settings! I can’t wait to see where your Mermaids

You may see more of Caryl’s beautiful work on her blog:



Our theme this week is “Clowns” which was selected by our hostess Nancy Maxwell James.
What do you think of when clowns comes to mind? Happy faces? Children? Bozo? Whatever you invision we wish to see it here in gothic style!

A bit about our hostess:
Nancy is a mixed media artist, stamper and scrapbooker living in Michigan with her husband Steve. She has 3 children, and currently has a son deployed in Iraq. Nancy enjoys working with vintage images in all sorts of media forms. She loves genealogy and enjoys making scrapbook pages documenting her family history.

You may see more of Nancy’s work on her blog:


Our theme this week is “Spain” and our hostess Martine (Filetta) created this beautiful gothic arch.
What do you invision when “Spain” comes to mind? We want to see it here in gothic arch form.

A bit about our hostess:

My name is Martine, I am soon 50 years old, 2 big children and an adorable husband for 30 years. I live in a small French island in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica, in a magnificent island: a mountain in the sea ! I practice the scrapbooking recently of time, since October, 2007. It is my daughter who made me discover this leisure ! I began in our return of a journey in Senegal and since I do not stop any more ! It is one spends time who fascinates me!

You may see more of Martine’s beautiful work on her blog:


Our hostess this week is Kelly Burton who has made this beautiful arch using the theme she selected “Flourishes”…what do you think of when using this as a theme? We would love to see it in gothic arch form this week! 🙂

A bit about our hostess:

Kelly is a self-taught artist who loves collage, rubber stamping, and mixed media! She finds nothing more rewarding that turning a blank piece of paper into a piece of art!

Kelly lives on an island off the west coast of Canada and loves to spend time at the beach
when not doing art.

You may see more of Kelly’s beautiful art on her blog:

Viva la France

Our theme this week is “Viva la France” which was selected by our hostess Frieda Oxenham. Frieda made this beautiful arch for our challenge this week. We want to see your celebration of all things French in gothic arch form.

A bit about our hostess:

I’m an award winning quilt artist whose work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and has won many prizes;. I’ve also become known for my ATCs and mixed media work, winning Best of Show for my Enduring, Unending ATC in the House of Cards exhition, Columbus, Ohio, 2005. My mixed media work has been published in Somerset Studio, Somerset Gallery and Sew Somerset . I also work for Alphastamps as part of their Design Team. From ATCs I’m progressed to Inchies, Itty Bitties and now Gothic Arches, which are becoming a real obsession for me!

The theme this week is Vive la France. I have an abiding love for France and the French language. France was the first country in Europe to draw up a Human Rights Declaration in 1789 during the French Revolution, based partly on the American one. It had a huge influence on human rights in the rest of Europe as well. The first line is part of my arch and translated reads: Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Notice however that women are not yet mentioned despite the fact that they played their part during the Revolution too, which is why I have featured a woman on my arch!

You may see more of Frieda’s beautiful work on her blog: