Our hostess this week is Tami Roth who has selected the theme of “Renaissance” as our challenge this week. Isn’t her arch just beautiful!? What do you think of when the word “Renaissance” comes to mind? We want to see it here this week in gothic form!

About our hostess:

Renaissance marks the period of European history at the close of the Middle Ages and the rise of the Modern world. It represents a cultural rebirth from the 14th through the middle of the 17th centuries. Early Renaissance, mostly in Italy, bridges the art period during the fifteenth century, between the Middle Ages and the High Renaissance in Italy. It is generally known that Renaissance matured in Northen Europe later, in 16th century.

The term renaissance means rebirth and is used to mark an era of broad cultural achievement as a result of renewed interest in the classical art and ideas of Ancient Greece and Rome. The main idea of rebirth lies at the belief that through the study of the intellectual and artistic treasures of the Greco-Roman antiquity, inspired by Humanism, can be reached the artistic greatness, wisdom and enlightenment.

Thank you, Nancy, for the opportunity to be hostess for the gothic arch challenge this week! I chose this theme because of my love for the art and images from that time. “Venus” by Sandro Botticelli is probably my most favorite painting. I think of Botticelli, daVinci, Michelangelo, Vermeer, etc. I love the colors the artists used-so deep and rich. Renaissance means “rebirth” but can have so many meanings to different people that I hope everyone can go with their first instinct of what this means for them and have fun with it!

You may see more of Tami’s beautiful work here:
Tami Roth Picture Trail


:::Royalty Sampler:::

This past week there were many regal and royal entries! Beautiful work everyone! 🙂


This weeks theme is “Royalty/Crowns” which was selected by our hostess Kris Dickinson. Isn’t her arch just beautiful! What comes to your mind when you think of Royalty/Crowns? Kings and Queens? Fairy Tales? We want to see it here this week in gothic arch style!

A bit about our hostess:
Thank you Nancy for choosing me to host the Gothic Arch Challenge this week. I chose the theme Royalty/Crowns as I’ve always been fascinated with the kings and queens of Europe. In particular, The Romanovs of Russia. Such a beautiful and tragic family. I have chosen Nicholas II and Alexandra of Russia as my subject for my arch. For this challenge, please do not limit yourselves to just actual royalty. Alter a little king or queen or crown a bird, etc…I can’t wait to see what you create!

Kris Dickinson resides in Parker, CO and has been creating collage’ and mixed media pieces for many years. She is married and has a 9 year old daughter.

You can see more of her beautiful work at:

:::Shades of White Sampler:::

The arches contributed this past week were gorgeous! Beautiful work everyone! 🙂

:::Gothic Arch Hostesses Needed:::

Thanks for the response! We are full until October!

:::Shades of White:::

Our hostess this week is Hermine Koster who has selected the theme “Shades of White.” She created this beautiful arch using white as her hue. What do you invision when “white” comes to mind in your artwork. We would love to see it here in gothic arch form!

About our hostess:

Thank you Nancy for asking me to host again. I have choose this theme because I really like to work ton-sur-ton, in white as well as in colour. Love to stretch a colour to the max. Made this arch using crackle medium and gesso for the background, sponged a little with distress antique linen to match this gorgeous vintage image. Then played around with some tyvek, really love the structure and the fact that you never know what you end up with, every time it is a surprise. Finally added some paper flowers and buttons as a finishing touch. Hope you like this theme as much as I do and looking forward to your artwork.

You may see more of Hermine’s beautiful artwork on her blog:

:::For The Birds Sampler:::

Wouldn’t our fine feathered friends be happy with the beautiful arches contributed this week?!
Fantastic artwork everyone!