:::End of Summer:::

Our theme for our final week at WordPress is “End of Summer” which was selected by our hostess Nancy Dooren. Nancy made this beautiful arch paying tribute to the last warm and carefree days!
What do you think of with the end of summer drawing near? We want to see it here in gothic arch form!

A bit about our hostess:
I am Nancy Dooren. I live in Enschede, The Netherlands, with my hubby Wilfred and cat Sylvester. I am a dental assistant for a lot of years now. But, when I am at home, I love to be in my stamping room, making some art. This is a way of life for me! I love to be a host on Gothic Arches!

You may see more of Nancy’s beautiful work on her blog:

32 Responses

  1. Hello!!! I hope you like this theme!!! This is my arch:


    Thanks for a visit to my blog!

    Nans xoxoxo

  2. great theme nancy!!
    mine is here

  3. This is a very imaginative theme, Nancy…and your arch is stunning. Mine is on my blog. Thanks for having a look.

  4. Here is my entry, thank you for looking!

  5. My entry is on my blog.

    thanks for you looking.

  6. Loved the theme Nancy!
    Mine’s on my blog http://astridsartisticefforts.blogspot.com
    Thanks for looking

  7. My entry is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking.

  8. Great theme. Here is my card.


  9. Mine is on my Blog, thanks for looking


  10. What a wonderful theme-thank you for everything!
    Tami R.

  11. Lovely theme. I love your angel !! Thank you for looking.
    a href=”http://wwwedsplace.blogspot.com/2008/08/gothic-arches-end-of-summer.html”.Here’s Mine

  12. I got my ling all messed up – sorry !! Try again :-).
    Here’s Mine

  13. What a perfect theme for this weekend! Mine is on my blog….thanks for looking!~

  14. Here is my end of the summer gothic arch.


  15. Greetings … and Happy September.

    My entry for this week’s challenge is located at:


    Thanks for looking… and I wish each and everyone of you a very bountiful Autumn.

  16. Nancy, this is a wonderful theme, thanks so much!!

    Mine is at


  17. My summery arch is on my blog!
    Thanks for looking!

  18. Wonderful theme! My entry is on my blog. Thanks for looking!

  19. Here’s my end of summer arch. Thanks for looking!

  20. What a wonderful theme. Here is my contribution:

    End of Summer Gothic Arch

  21. My arch is on my blog! Can you believe I got it done so early???


  22. I did it again! Arch #2 ! I feel so special!!! Did that one is less than 30 minutes, I think!


  23. Here is mine. Thank you for looking!

  24. Hi,

    My entry is on my blog. Thanks for looking.


  25. I’m really running late on this one, but I loved this theme. Here’s my entry.




  26. The new site is great. Here is my contribution for End of Summer. I’ll see everyone on the new site!


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