:::Gold Sampler:::


Arch by Lisa Renéa

This weeks challenge theme is “Gold”. Create a gothic arch using gold.

Do you think of wealth? Royalty? Shiny objects? We hope to see your beautiful creations in gothic arch form here.

Our glorious gold arch this week was created by Lisa Renéa. You may visit her blog Tattered Tiara to see more of her work.

 A bit about Lisa Renéa…

I hope everyone is enjoying the arch challenges, as much as I am.

This week’s theme is gold. I was inspired by a  Lord Alfred Tennyson

quote, “love is the only gold”. I’ve used a potrait photo of Katherine of Aragon. The story of her marriage to Henry the VIII, always pulls at my

heart strings. What good is all the gold in the world, without love?  I’ve represented this by using the 24K tags. K of course being her initial and she was married to Henry for 24 years.  I can’t wait to see how each of you incorporate this week’s theme in your arches!

Each week the hostess has given you a bit of her own bio, I thought I’d add a twist and tell you five fun facts about me, that you may not know:

  • I moved to west Tennessee a few years ago.  I was actually born and lived most of my life in Nashville, Tennessee. 
  • My favorite color is purple, although you’ll not find me wearing the color or using it in my home decor.
  • I created my first scrapbook in 1980, way before I knew about acid free. 
  • I have a huge collection of cows, every type or item you can imagine. The collection of 100 + cows, started out as a joke of sorts amongst my family and friends.  The herd is not on display, however, they would eventually lead me into the world of stamping.
  • I’ve been fortunate to visit 25 states here in the USA.  I dream of spending time in Paris.