Our hostess this week is Heather Robinson who has selected the theme “history”. Heather created this gorgeous arch depicting events from the “Titanic”. She challenges you to make a gothic arch using events from your personal history or history in a broader sense.

Rubber stamping launched me on the artistic journey that I am on today. Although I don’t use rubber stamps in the same way today, they still make their way into my artwork. My interests now lie primarily in mixed media, collage and altered books and I just can’t seem to shake an obsession with using wax in my artwork.

Another passion of mine is history and that is the theme that I have chosen for this week’s challenge. This can be personal history or you can think about history in a broader sense. Perhaps you are moved by a particular event or person. I am fascinated with all things
“Titanic”, especially the stories about individuals who were on the ship and that is what I hoped to capture with my arch this week. I look forward to visiting your blogs and seeing your interpretations of the theme.

You may visit Heather’s blog:
http://creativesolace.blogspot.com to see more of her amazing creations!

:::Old School Sampler:::


We had many fond “old school” memories this past week! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful works of art!

Donna’s Arch Template

Donna over at http://inklover.wordpress.com was sweet enough to share two new gothic arch templates that she drew with us.
She made them into a pdf file that you can download. Thanks so much Donna! 🙂

Donna’s Arch Templates

:::Old School:::


Our theme this week is “Old School” which was selected by our hostess Elaine Shannon. Elaine remembers her childhood days with characters like “Dick and Jane” which bring back fond memories. What do you think of with this theme? Your first lunchbox? A favorite dress? New school supplies? We would love to see what you create when making you go back to your childhood “old school” past!

A bit about our hostess:
My name is Elaine Shannon and I enjoy many kinds of crafts.. while I have not had lots of experience stamping, I do enjoy using them..I always seem to gravitate towards vintage looking things.. Most of my cards have something “old” on them.. I like to ink, distress and sew on things. I have drawers full of “found” objects that I just know will one day find a place on card. Lately I have enjoyed making fabric postcards.

“Old School Days” that’s the theme for this week.. I have wonderful memories of my primary school days. I attended school in England until I was 9. After moving to the states I remember what a change it was.. When I think of my first year of school in America I think of metal lunchboxes, black chalkboards and old fashioned metal swingsets..The smell of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.. or that wonderful “new box of crayons” smell make me smile and evoke happy feelings.

The red cloth brad on my arch reminds me of my red gingham school dress that I wore in primary school.. along with red leather shoes. The black and white ribbon with the cherries also reminds me of school clothing. old fashioned yellow rulers.. the alphabet frieze above the board.. all these things bring back good memories of my school days..
So, what reminds YOU of your school days?

You may visit Elaines blog to see more of her creations:

:::Valentine Sampler:::


There were so many beautiful arches from the “heart” this past week! Thank you for sharing your art!


Will you be my Valentine?

Our hostess this week is Hermine Koster. She has selected the theme “Valentine”….what do you think of when “Valentine” is mentioned? A loved one you hold dear to your heart? Hearts and flowers? A big box of chocolates? Kisses and hugs? Whatever your vision is we wish to see if here in gothic arch style! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

A bit about our hostess:

It is always an honour to be hostess of Gothic Arch Challenge, but now it is even more special because since my sons birthday on Valentines day in 1999, this day is extra special. Love to use this beautiful face in my artwork and always do when I make some for Valentine. And who can resist such a smile. So this is my little Valentine, hope to see your beautiful artwork with this theme.

You may visit Hermine’s blog here to see more of her beautiful artwork and creations:

Hermine’s Place

:::Purple Sampler:::

WOW! We had so many gorgeous entries this week! It was hard to chose just six! I had to add more – you ladies ROCK in purple!!!!! thanks for playing!



This weeks theme at Gothic Arches is “Purple”…my favorite color. I am a February baby, my birthstone (amethyst) and birthflower (violet) are also my favorite color. What do you think of when the color purple is mentioned? Violets growing sweetly in a meadow? Rich jewels on the Queen’s crown? A deep rich starry sky? Whatever the thought may be we want to see it here at Gothic Arches.

A bit about our hostess:

My name is Nancy Maxwell James and I live in Michigan with my husband and our 3 fur babies. I have three children: Ian who is a collage student, Andrew who is serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq, and a daughter Allison who is also a student. I love mixed media, cards, scrapbooking and genealogy. I also love all the wonderful artists and friends I have met through blogging.

In celebration of my birthday this week I selected purple as our theme. I have always loved the color and have many trinkets and keepsakes that I collect that are purple. My Grandmother also loved the color and passed down many precious heirlooms to me because we shared that love.

You many visit my blog http://vintagepapers.blogspot.com to see more of my artwork.

Can’t wait to see the pretty purple creations this week! 🙂

:::Dog Sampler:::


We saw some really adorable “poochies” this past week! A dog is man’s best friend! 🙂